Month: September 2019

Kingdom Hearts Experience

The story is a classic battle between good and evil, Xenahort, heartless, nobodies, and evil Disney characters being the villains and Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Sora and other Disney characters as the heroes. While most of the games focus on Sora, Donald and Goofy, some games focus on side stories or adventures with characters such as Roxas, Aqua, and even a digital copy of Sora.

The first entry in the series and is a prequel to the rest of the series is Birth By Sleep. Next in the story is Kingdom Hearts which focuses on the adventures of Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy and Mickey. Two games fill in the gap between the first and second Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and Chain of Memories take place between the first and second kingdom hearts game. 358/2 Days follows the story of Roxas, the nobody of Sora when he is turned into a heartless (one of the many enemies of the series).

Chain of Memories follows Sora, Donald and Goofy between the first and second games in the series. Then the story is continued in Kingdom Hearts II with Kingdom Hearts: Coded game taking place around the end of the second entry in the series. The most recent game to come out in the series is Dream Drop Distance. Dream Drop Distance focuses on the continued training of Sora to become a keyblade master to prepare for the upcoming battle against Xenahort. The third title in the series is set to come out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is the last of the Xenahort saga.

The gameplay is a mixture of hack and slash with keyblade fighting with magic added in as well. In each of the games you can customize your characters abilities as you level up, as well as your companions. Over time features and abilities have been added such as summoning Disney characters to assist in fights, or Drive forms which enhance combat or magic abilities.

The upcoming title in the series “X” is massive multiplayer online game being developed right now. Currently it’s not certain if it will come to North America but there has been beta testing done in Japan. Future titles will come out, but not much has been said so far, right now the game development team is focusing on the current Xenahort saga and wrapping that up.

About No Risk Betting

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Battlefield 3

In the base game of Battlefield 3, players take on the role of elite Marines troops. Right when you touchdown, the action proceeds at a frenzied pace with no let up in sight. As you traverse through various locations such as New York, Paris, and Tehran, you only have moments of tension-filled respite before your surroundings erupt in fierce warfare. Scores of bullets zip past, walls literally explode into fragments, and you will likely hit the dirt several times with the numerous explosions that come your way. At times, the action seems too intense to be believed, but all this merely adds to the pulse pounding thrill that is Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 offers a lot more than just all-out action-although there is definitely plenty of that to be had. A notable departure from now-classic games such as Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 gives players the option to choose specific roles and engage opponents in a more varied and sophisticated manner than the average shoot ’em up. While you can certainly have loads of fun just blasting everything in sight and upping your kill/death ratio, you definitely won’t be missing out on the action even if you die repeatedly as a tank commander or tank technician.

As impressive as Battlefield 3 is, the upcoming DLC Armored Kill should raise the excitement level to epic proportions. If you have been disappointed by the lack of vehicular action in Close Quarters, Armored Kill should have exactly what you are looking for. With loads of new tanks, ATVs, and a host of other military vehicles, Armored Kill also features some of the biggest and most challenging maps in the gaming world. Here is a list of some of Armored Kill’s more exciting new features.

  • High-intensity vehicular warfare
  • Four new maps
  • The biggest map in the battlefield series
  • Plenty of new vehicles and mobile artillery
  • Ability to unlock five new vehicle and use them in the base game
  • Tank Superiority mode

Armored Kill is scheduled for release, and will be available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Focused primarily on vehicular combat, Armored Kill adds a much welcome component to the high-intensity gaming action of Battlefield 3. The inclusion of various new vehicles, including all-new tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery pumps up the action to serious levels, and each of these new additions is perfectly suited to take advantage of the game’s new maps.

Speaking of maps, Armored Kill includes no less than four new maps, along with a new game mode, and several unlock opportunities. While the number of new maps may seem on the sparse side, Armored Kill will feature what is supposedly the biggest map in the Battlefield 3 universe. With the vastness of the new maps, you definitely won’t feel like you are missing out on any action.

The impressiveness of the new maps notwithstanding, the new vehicles definitely steal the show in Armored Kill. Designed from the ground up for the unique challenges of the new, larger maps, the new vehicles in Armored Kill are capable of stunning new features and functionalities previously unavailable in previous versions of Battlefield 3. Of particular interest are the new tank destroyers that pack on the firepower and zip through at remarkable speed. Although a bit sparse on armor, these tanks are perfectly suited for rushing deep into enemy territory, giving you serious firepower where it will count the most, and allowing you to control specific areas much quicker.

Run Wii Review

When it comes to the visuals the cars in the game look pretty good but the background isn’t that sharp, on the plus side the games frame rate is both fast and smooth and doesn’t display any noticeable slow down during the main races.

It probably isn’t fair to compare the game to the versions found on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as the Wii is quite different, during the games intro sequence you’ll discover that your character is a racer known as Matt who comes across a mysterious woman.

The woman who remains nameless during the initial cut scene wants you to take part in a race known as The Run, The Run is a race from coast to coast and on the Wii You’ll take part in 26 different races before crossing the final finishing line.

If you’ve ever played Burnout or Need For Speed Hot Pursuit then you’ll be on familiar territory, while parts of The Run involve straightforward races in others you’ll need to smash a set number of opponents off the road.

The game is far from being a driving simulator and it’s not meant to be as you’re able to pull off extreme power slides, features such as the hand brake and nitrous oxide add to the fun and it doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of the controls.

Another feature that’s been added to the game are the heroic manoeuvres and these can take a little practice, you’ll use the heroic manoeuvres to dodge traffic, to dodge falling rocks and also to make insane jumps.

At times the heroic manoeuvres can feel a little tacked on especially then you’re using them to dodge objects, other manoeuvres are done with the D pad on the remote and you have enter a specific sequence of button presses to carry them out.

The Wii is to date the most successful console to include motion controls but sometimes they’re not needed, although there are exceptions the motion controls aren’t always ideal for driving games and thankfully EA are well aware.

You can control the game with either a classic controller or you can use your Wii Remote and nunchuk, motion controls can be fun but in this case you can sit back on your sofa without bothering to point your remote towards your TV.


The main reason Uncharted Drake’s Fortune was so popular was because of the action and adventure it gave to players. As people moved protagonist Nathan Drake through the game, levels would break up and begin to fall apart as he moved onto them, creating a sense of panic in player which had never been experienced before in last generations games. The combination of real life storytelling, combined with carefully researched myths made the first Uncharted game such a hit with players who considered themselves hard core gamers, as well as those who called themselves casual gamers.

The second release in the Uncharted series was Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, and was released. The game saw protagonist Nathan Drake return but in a bigger adventure that took him across the world, instead of restricting him to one island. The story was made to be much darker than that of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, and even with two more releases having been made since that game, it is still considered to be the best of the series. The story took players from Italy to the Himalayas, and kept players guessing right up until the end sequence with true expertise in storytelling.

The third release for the Uncharted series was Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, and was released. The story was made to be even bigger than that of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune or Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, making it the most ambitious Uncharted game to date. Players were taken on an epic journey that showed them the more vulnerable side of their favorite protagonist, but even with the added hype of being the third game in a great series, it failed to beat Uncharted 2 Among Thieves in terms of popularity among gamers.

The Uncharted series made the jump to Playstation Vita in 2012 with Uncharted golden Abyss, a prequel to the original Uncharted game that showed players their protagonist hero as an inexperienced youngster on the trail of a great treasure. A further game was released to tie into this, Uncharted Fight For Fortune, but this was only a card based game that worked with a player’s progress in Uncharted Golden Abyss.

All in all the Uncharted series is the most popular for Playstation 3, and many hope it will continue onto the Playstation 4. Uncharted 4 has been hinted at by gaming publications for a long time, but many are still waiting for a conformation from Naughty Dog on whether they will be making such a game. One online news publication, Clipping Error, posted a release date and founded speculation over the new release, however it is still considered to be a game that will be for the PlayStation 4 if it is ever made.

WoW Strats

An essential WoW strategy is to ensure there’s no conflict between race chosen & class the characters fall into. As you may have very well observed, there are numerous specific principles that affect different types of professions and characters. Blacksmithing will never be a fantastic professional for your Hunter simply because they’re limited to purely donning leather & have no reason for Hunter skills. Knowing how to make use of these kinds of advantages is vital to developing successful methods for gameplay.

Occasionally, on a quest, you may find some parts truly challenging and discovering the right path could possibly seem almost unattainable. At times questing requires trekking through tricky rivers or water levels, to be able to proceed through to a higher level. You can develop your WoW strategies in advance to become more successful, these strategies will help you to rapidly reach level ninety!

Of course, the currency used in WoW is gold. Begin early on and don’t hold back until you achieve level 40 to start a shrewd gold making strategy. By mastering some techniques is the best way to raise your gold quickly which will enable you to buy numerous items like new weapons, gears, ports, enhancements, potions, supplies and many more.

There are actually loads of methods to make World of Warcraft gold without resorting to cheats, coding or bots. You should use some fundamental WoW strategies for gold during the early stages of the game. Below are great tips on generating WoW gold easily.

The ideal way to gain gold when starting a new character is by Mining or by utilizing the Gathering Professions. Mining and Herb Gathering would be the two best professions you could opt to earn some gold. Selling herbs and minerals at the Auction House is the most effective way to get a fantastic amount of gold while you continue to level up.

Farming gold in WoW may seem like slightly tedious simply because you must obliterate several varieties of monsters for many hours, yet it’s an easiest way to acquire income rapidly.

Make sure you consider everything which will allow you to achieve gold along with what items are only obtainable by gold.

Strategies are certainly not cheats and sooner or later you’ll utilize them simply because they can end up becoming successful and sensible while nonetheless providing you with an advantage over your enemies. You should use WoW strategies to assist you throughout the levels as well.

Online strategy forums may require a fee, similar to a traditional tutorial. A number of them have a one-time rate yet others may be recurring, however, if you’re reluctant to pay you’ll still come across online strategy discussion boards free of charge. Keep an eye out though, sometimes you get what you pay for and in my experience free strategies can be worth what you paid for them, nothing! It is important to keep your WoW strategies as strong and relevant as possible in order to keep your skills up to date.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Most of the developers have their severs installed all over the globe and they are connected to each other in such a way that participants can interact with each other irrespective of the corner of the world from where they are participating. The best thing about these plays is that they have artificial intelligence in such a way that any player entering does not leave the arena mainly because there is no opponent online to compete with him. Even though, it is highly impossible to happen, this facility has been designed just to make individual players, who do not wish to compete with any human opponent happy.

Generally, single player games have an end point, which is not applicable to multiplayer models. They are designed in such a way that they can go on and on developing new characters like a real life. Only a few of them have a winning condition that too on the basis of the standings of the gamer after it has been tried out for several times. They can support thousands of gamers online at the same time and due to the wide range of players enjoying them all around the globe and due to the amount of detail added by the developers, they are filled with endless new experiences to the gamers every time they play them. Since some of them permit formation of clans, people can form their own groups and can compete with the other group of players. As every clan tries to perform better than the other clans, the massively multiplayer online games become more challenging.

About Deadpool Preview

The level I selected was one of the earlier stages that had Deadpool starting off in the bowels of a sewer. Before you escape the lower levels, you’re tasked with assaulting various bad guys with a few short and sweet katana attacks. The attacks were swift and brutal- to my liking- there was a lot of blood and equally generous amounts of dismemberment. Mr. Wade Wilson’s jokes were spot-on and acknowledge that he’s very much aware that he’s in a videogame.

That’s actually one of the brighter points in the Deadpool game, the humor. Deadpool has quite a bit to say during combat and you’d want to make sure the volume’s up so you don’t miss any of it. Many times during the E3 demo I was hacking and slashing my way through various enemies and Deadpool kept throwing out insults or wacky commentary. This title was very faithful to the character, and that’s sure to please a lot of fans.

Another feature that was faithful to the comic book character was his healing factor. While you’re taking a beating, Deadpool’s costume gets ripped and torn along with his skin, revealing a grotesque Wade Wilson. It’s very similar to the highly underappreciated X-Men Origins: Wolverine title from 2009. There are ways to get your health back during combat; for example, once you defeat an enemy they might drop a health orb.

One thing I did notice during the E3 demo was the sudden spike of difficulty. As you’re progressing through the sewers your adversaries are incredibly easy to deal with but once you’re up in a skyscraper they become almost overwhelming. That’s when most of the E3 testers died, gave up and walked away. I took the reins and tried it for myself; all you had to do was use Deadpool’s firearms. You just have to switch up your tactics – you can’t always just slice and dice. It would’ve been nice to have a subtle change in difficulty, not a sudden slam of trigger-happy baddies surrounding you.

The gun gameplay was your standard over-the-shoulder third person shooter; you can’t use cover but there’s really no need. Deadpool has access to his dual Uzis, Shotgun and trusty pistols. All seemed very capable. You do need to be aware of your ammunition as well but when you kill something there’s a chance for the baddies to drop more. As you kill the AI you’ll be awarded points that you can spend on upgrading your Deadpool. The upgrade system was very similar to Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man game that came out last summer. The leveling up skills all seemed useful and powerful. If I had the full game I would definitely try and bump up my prowess with the swords.

I would say the main worries I’d have with the game would either be the difficulty, or the sometimes unruly camera. Often during the gun gameplay I had trouble snapping back to enemies and blasting them away. These aren’t major issues though, and the game was incredibly fun. That’s what we need in a Deadpool game. He’s not Batman. He’s a crazy Merc with a Mouth!

In terms of audio and video, they were both what you’d expect. The graphics never impressed me but they were never ugly. The environments at times felt uninspired as you ran through them but most of the time you were more focused on the task on hand. As with the audio, the dialogue was funny but the sound effects weren’t anything special. No Hans Zimmer soundtrack for this one.

Horizon Riders Wii

Now Horizon Riders have appeared on the horizon and have taken our breath away with its marvelous quality and superb graphics and gameplay. Horizon Riders and the previous two games have reminded us how powerful the Wii platform is.

In Horizon Riders you play the role of a mercenary battling armies of marauding robots bent on destroying the human race. The angle of the camera is always behind you and the game takes place on-rails. The Wii remote is a perfect and brilliant choice of controls that responds like a limb attached to your own body. You can pick off your targets with exceptional accuracy and the action is devastating. The Wii balance board also plays a major role here and is probably the best choice. You stand on a hover board and can shift your weight from left to right and dodge enemy fire and other obstacles coming your way. The game is marvelous and will pump you full of adrenaline to continue from one level to the next.

You can also use the Wii remote to shift your weight if you don’t have a balance board. You can twist your wrist in all directions to figure out the best maneuvers, but the balance board is still your best option. If you have a Nunchuk try using the stick to toggle through your weapons and the buttons to fire. The Nunchuk may not be ideal, but it does provide some variation and support you won’t get with the Wii remote. Regardless of which control scheme you use, the game is pretty much solid, with lots of interesting twists to keep you guessing from start to finish.

The graphics and scenes are so realistic and lifelike and the colors stupendous. Simply watching someone else play will give you a high. Playing the game yourself is even more exciting. When you’re playing the game, you will realize that Horizon Riders is truly a gem and we can look forward to much more exciting releases from Wii Ware before Christmas.

Portal 2

Portal 2, just like the first Portal game, features the widely known portal gun. The portal gun allows the player to create a pair of linking portals in order to progress through the game and move from one place to the next, which is the core of the puzzle solving. Players can navigate from one location to the next by simply placing one end of the portal wherever they want, and then shooting the other end to where they want to be.

This game includes more rewards, more characters, a more substantial story, and bigger challenges. Portal 2 greatly improves in the very few things that the first Portal game may have been lacking, or of course, been improved on. Add this to the comedy and great voice acting included in the game and you’ve got one pretty awesome game which no one should miss out on.

Portal 2 is intended and made for everyone to play. It’s just a great video game and it provides an equally great experience. Both casual and hardcore gamers alike will truly enjoy this somewhat brief, yet memorable adventure which doesn’t quite end when you finish the game. There is also a two player cooperative mode which you can play with your friends. Both players are equipped with portal guns, giving you the extended ability to have a total of four portals deployed at once, widening the creativity which you can accomplish with this game. Each player is designed to be highly dependent on their partner, which means that both players will have to be constantly communicating back and forth and exchanging ideas on how to conquer mind boggling puzzles.

Portal 2 is an incredibly unique puzzle game like no other (except maybe for the first Portal game). It is greatly recommended by everyone, for everyone. It is just one of those games that every game HAS to play in order to truly understand what all of the “hype” is about.