Month: October 2019

Spyro 3

Graphics, Sound, and Setting

Spyro 3 follows Spyro, a young purple dragon, who is celebrating the “year of the dragon” with his fellow dragons. During the celebration, a young sorceress named Bianca leads an army of creatures named Rhynocs and steals the dragon eggs from the dragon realms. Spyro chases Bianca and ends up in an ancient world that is ruled by an evil sorceress. The game’s plot involves Spyro freeing the dragon eggs, and fighting the Sorceress’s army in various worlds. The game’s story is very simple and interesting, and you do not need to play the second game to enjoy the third game. The world is divided into four realms, and each realm has portals leading to many different areas.

The world’s look incredible, with a rich blend of light colors and great detail in each level. The enemies look fierce and intimidating. Spyro looks very good, and … Read the rest

Kerbal Space Program

To begin, you must build a spacecraft that is able to fly your crew into space without killing them on its path towards space. During building, you are given a collection of parts which must be used to create a functional ship. Each part has its own use and will affect how the ship flies. At its current version, the main feature of the game is the ability to build a spacecraft out of every imaginable combination of parts. With a physic-based flight simulation, this will mean that everything that you create will fly (and crash) as realistically as possible. You will be able to fly to other moons and planets and be able to take your crew out of the ship to do a little exploring.

Once you have built your desired spacecraft, you are ready to lift off. With trying to get the spacecraft off the launch pad, … Read the rest

Dugi Guide

The leveling add-on belonging to the guide is the most commonly used aspect of the Dugi Guide and the feature that has earned the Guide its strong reputation.

Rather than chuck all the features of the guide out there which can be found everywhere online, I want to discuss the performance and reliability of the guide which is rarely covered!

It goes without saying that any add-on for World of Warcraft will need to be continually updated to not only function properly but to stay compliant with Blizzards guidelines for third party applications.

Unfortunately not all add-ons are meaning users are left with an application that doesn’t work properly or stops working altogether.

As stated the Ultimate WoW Guide has been going for a number of years and has evolved from a written series of step by step blueprints into what is now one of the leading add-ons for World … Read the rest

Relieve Stress by Playing Games

Some of the best games online are arcade games. There is just something about the thrill of surviving, the chase to beat your top score, and of course, that quest to stay awake after sinking hours into your favourite online games. Make sure you choose a website that has a large array of online games though, that way you will certainly find something that you want to play for hours upon end.

Next are action games. These ‘fast paced’ games are perfect for those that want to put their dexterity and reactions to the test. In these games you will be presented with challenges that just get harder and harder. The only way to succeed will be to develop skills, and sometimes your avatar to master the intense amount of power that it will take to get through a situation. These games are really the ones which will pull you … Read the rest

Yellow Light of Death Fix

Yellow Light of Death may cause devastating problems for gamers, and most of the time console owners cannot help but feel helpless when struck with this problem. Out of desperation, some just junk out their malfunctioning console and just opt to buy a new one in order to get back to the game, but this is of course seriously impractical. A yellow light of death fix need not be expensive or costly. First, kindly check if the cords are placed in their sockets. If it is, check the power supply. Another thing is to check if the console is still covered by the company’s warranty. Look online for the nearest service center that caters to the equipment’s need. Compare also the service rates and decide which center you wish to entrust your console to. Find a reasonable rate and remember to keep it professional.

If you are not sure what … Read the rest

SNES Reproduction

Collectors who are crazy about Super Nintendo games, often learn how to do SNES reproduction because they enjoyed playing Japanese import games on a computer emulator (PC software that plays ROMs, SNES games), but the feeling of retro gaming was not quite there yet. They prefer to play Japanese import games on the actual console and in English. Research is a principal factor to be able to know all the technical aspects of a SNES cart and understand them. Once you learn the SNES specifications you can recycle old unwanted SNES cartridges, which are called donor carts, and turn them into legit Super Nintendo reproduction; you won’t really know the difference between a repro and an original game! Only games that can be legally made into reproduction are as mentioned before are: fan made games, never before released in the US, and prototypes that never made it in the market. … Read the rest

Gaming Is a Blessing

Parents are so convinced that video gaming consumes that mind of their children that they fail to realize the benefits that they can bring to their child. One of the most common benefits discussed about gaming is that they are great tools to improve a child’s hand and eye coordination, but they can also help with critical thinking skills, personal fitness, socializing and give parents the reassurance that their children are not out on the streets getting into trouble. Video games can be more beneficial than a parent would think.

Of course one of the major concerns about video games is that it is a distraction to the youth, it only produces couch potatoes and good for nothing individuals, but with me being a gamer myself I find those statements to be far from the truth. Video games enable individuals to think critically due to the fact that most games … Read the rest

Batman Arkham City Pro

Even his detective skills that he had previously neglected are displayed in the most spectacular fashion in Arkham Asylum. At Rocksteady, the developers featured a few of Gotham City’s greatest villains and then added hidden references to almost thirty more as mere fan service. A morbid setting was created with enough detail in efforts to capture the horror of the comic, but with enough scope to fit a Batmobile, Batwing and Batcave.

Rocksteady’s developers thought of Arkham Asylum as ‘practice’ from the moment the Arkham City project was underway. Considered as the best ever superhero game, Asylum was the 2009 Game of the Year. However, in comparison to Arkham City, it seems like a demo – a draft or a blueprint for the most amazing Batman and superhero game ever created.

Any questions regarding how much better and bigger Arkham City is from Arkham Asylum can be answered by the … Read the rest

About Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Wii

The game is simple yet filled with rich content and addictive gameplay that can be played over and over again without becoming stale. The game sports the most advanced technology and the graphics are superb. But the disadvantage is that it costs a heck of a lot of money.

You navigate a vast arena of forests, seas, mines, castles and the like to fight off marauding savages. Halfway through the game you may start wondering why no one ever mentions the name Spyro. The hero is referred to as Skylander and he never speaks a word. The game is wrought with action and if played in co-op can even be more fun. Adults and older children can play the game too and have loads of unending fun. As the game progresses so does the difficulty level, making it a challenge for all ages. The storyline is nothing fantastic and is … Read the rest

About Verticus

Verticus is Stan Lee’s creation, on opening the app, you’re presented with a Marvel style comic strip sequence that sets you up for your first plunge into the core. There’s not a great deal of depth to the story but it really doesn’t need it, Verticus is all about the action, and it wastes no time getting you into the excitement. Fast paced and action packed, you’ll be in the action from the word go.

The controls seemed a little odd at first, they’re back to front. You steer with your right hand and activate weapons on the left. Strangely, I liked this setup but if you do have trouble you can switch it around in the options menu. The virtual control stick isn’t fixed, it appears wherever you touch the screen which allows you to play where it’s most comfortable for you. Controls are very responsive, I never felt … Read the rest