Month: October 2019

Modern Warfare 3

The first thing you should look for is whether or not the guide provides you with unique strategies and tips. If the guide only contains strategies that are available in all of the other guides that are out there then you should probably keep searching because like with any other first person shooter game, the secrets quickly become outdated as everyone learns about them which renders them pretty much useless. You need to find a guide that is created by someone who understands this and is dedicated to the game. People who are dedicated to providing excellent strategies and tips for the game usually play the game everyday and are always discovering new things that improve their game. This leads to a guide that is constantly updated and provides you with fresh, working techniques that you can be sure will work.

Another thing you should be looking for is a guide that not only provides you with written strategies, but also with HD videos showing you exactly how to perform the techniques described in the written guide. This is crucial actually because it demonstrates first hand that the tactics actually work. There is no better way to learn then to see someone actually perform what they are describing first hand. Another great thing about having a video guide for Modern Warfare 3 is that you can pick up on all of the little things that the pro player does such as the best places to take cover as well as teamwork strategies that really help you to increase your kill/death ratio.

Finally, look for a guide that offers you a class and weapon building guide along with the videos. This is by far the most important factor. You need to understand the proper way to build these things if you want to become successful in MW3. No amount of videos or books will help you if you do not understand how to properly build your class and you will suffer the consequences for it. Using and playing your selected class properly is the key ingredient to becoming a pro Modern Warfare 3 player. Have you ever wondered how those guys who own on every map do it? Well it’s because they have discovered and combined the things that I have discussed in this article.

Brawl Busters


The controls are very simple and will be picked up within 5 minutes or so; the game starts with a small single player training programme that they recommend is completed before attempting multiplayer. Training will take roughly 5-10 minutes and you’ll feel comfortable entering multiplayer – the controls are so simple, they’ve just released an update that includes gamepad support.

Customisability and Items

In game currency is known as BP, this is earned as you play more and more games. RT is currency that you can buy with real money, this allows you to unlock superior items for your

character. This will give some players an advantage, but I do not think this is a pay to win game, you can unlock most items with BP and the RT items do not seem overpowered. Overall, the store is a great edition to the game, and allows for customisation and variety between players, allowing them to look and play according to their preferred style.

Game Modes

There is a good variety of game modes and maps available in multiplayer, such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Boss Fights and Zombie Survival. So there’s definitely something for everyone here, providing a lot of different gameplay options so you won’t get bored quickly. There are also ranked matches for more experienced players.


First of all, the menu system is very simple and sleek, presenting everything well. Team balancing takes place before every game, which is good and makes for a fairer and more fun experience. The games are pretty short and last for around 10 minutes each.

Although most of the classes are pretty tanky and can survive with a few players attacking them for a decent amount of time, it’s easy to get locked down as enemies are attacking you, but this is to be expected I’m sure more experienced players can avoid this.

Dust 514 Game

I can describe Dust 514 as a cross between Kill Zone colliding with Quake and the result was an FPS that still looks a little old school but raises the bar on giving players a challenging experience. First off, the game takes place across an entire galaxy and your battle outcomes are the key to gaining territory and acquiring strategic resources. That being said, there is a whole lot of reasons to kill everything. CCP did add the option for girl gamers to choose a female mercenary soldier as mentioned in one of my earlier articles but there was no special appearance to my drop suit making it impossible to see the difference. I am hoping CCP has something planned for female Dust 514 players in the coming upgrades before the launch later this year.

What I liked about this game was the massive maps and the Kill Zone planetary feel. Dust 514 offers a few good selections of vehicles to get around the massive maps. There are a few land vehicles and a gun ship with mounted cannons which I found one of my favorite things to use to get things done. However in order to survive Dust 514 you need to invest in a decent drop suit which is your armor. Your drop suit is your lifeline to staying alive otherwise you die from one bullet. The more upgrades and improvements you make to your suit the better your performance and endurance is. There are so many upgrades to purchase or to earn and so many suit customizations it seems endless. If you have a tricked out combo drop suit, you will definitely dominate in your game. Your suit enhancements are not endless, meaning that you use up your abilities as you play and have to restock the abilities in your suit when they run out. I got tired of it pretty quick, because sometimes all I wanted to do is just get into battle and not waste so much time worrying about restocking all the time.

In the beginning you will suffer a miserable punishment from players that purchased the merc packs or bought AUR (purchased game currency used to buy exclusive upgrades.) All weapons are crappy to use when you begin the game because you suffer a noob penalty meaning weapons don’t really work and it can take at least two full rounds to flatten your opponent. Big explosions are missing from the game which was surprising for a game loaded with big weapons, stationary turrets, different types of grenades and launchers. But never the less, the big weapons are still a whole lot of fun to use and will blow your enemy off the map.

As for weapons, there is a huge assortment to choose from side arms to swarm launches and high powered laser sniper rifles or assault weapons. The weapons handling is a bit clunky and old school but gets a lot better as you level up. Unfortunately what I did not like about the game was the ammo reloading. It not only is the slowest reload I have ever experienced leaving you dead on the reload but ammo also needs to be purchased before you go into battle. If you run out, you need to change your class. If your battle gets too heated and you are clean out of ammo, you are left spending the rest of the game with nothing but a knife.

About Lego City Undercover

World View With its open-world interpretation of Gotham City, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes was the first opportunity for Traveller’s Tales to melt down the linear template of the Lego games and mould it back into something innovative. Lego City Undercover continues the open-world theme, lifting inspiration for its municipality mostly from San Francisco – prison island Albatross is a barely disguised riff on Alcatraz – and imbuing the setting with a genuine sense of wonder. With a massive city to explore, TT Fusion has made sure there are plenty of ways to get around…


A GAGGLE of air, sea and land vehicles offer the player various means to explore the world around them, but these conventional modes of transport are exactly that: traditional. To see the city in style, you need look no further than the grapple gun. Players can launch themselves across the city at great height and speed, covering a massive amount of distance in a short space of time. It’s the sort of unpretentious embellishment appropriate to the simplistic thrills that the Lego franchise delivers so majestically.


WHILE NO longer tethered to the linearity of a popular licence, the allure of nostalgia has not escaped developer TT Fusion. Lego City Undercover’s yellow-faced star is Chase McCain, a police officer on the trail of the nefarious Rex Fury. All cocksure attitude and cheesy zingers, Chase is born from Eighties cop show swagger – among a plethora of homages and clichés ripped from decades of pop culture. It may no longer be tethered to a familiar brand, but don’t expect Undercover to abandon the lampooning altogether.


EACH OF the Lego games has had a playful approach to the inherent violence – guns, swords and explosive have all had a place among the collectable trinkets and studs. So it’s surprising that Undercover tones down the intensity of its action: civilians walking along the pavement can’t be run over and firearms have been outlawed. Still, a mix of parkour and melee combat unite to create a satisfyingly dynamic range of action, not to mention a range of costumes that endow Chase with unique abilities.

Bleed (PC)

Movement is basic but very fluid – I recommend a controller for the PC version (the version I tested for this review). At any one time, you may equip two weapons (you can have numerous available to you but only two equipped) and freely switch between them. Wryn can aim in a 360 degree arc around her – controlled by the right analog stick – while movement is controlled with the left stick. That combination works well. I did have some difficulty adjusting to the fact that jump is mapped to the right trigger and not the A button as one would expect. After playing for awhile, it became obvious that this choice was deliberate because of the close relationship between jumping and the Matrix’esque bullet time skill you eventually pickup which is mapped to the left trigger. Both jumping and bullet time combine to create another cool and very powerful skill – the jump-dash. Eventually it became second nature to pull the left trigger and start my limited bullet time and then quickly pull the right trigger to execute a jump dash where you quickly dive through the air while the rest of the baddies are in slo-mo. Jump-dash can quickly level the playing field when you’re faced with near impossible numbers of bad guys, bullets, obstacles, etc… As I mentioned before, jump-dash is time limited (regenerates over time), as is the amount of times you may jump dash in a row (3) which forces you to make the most of the slow motion time you have with the weapons you have equipped. Boss battles will have you sweating every last nanosecond of your bullet time.

The game is a bit on the short side but it is fun to try and collect all the upgrades and goodies you can along the way – some may find doing that is totally necessary to complete the game on the most difficult setting. Speaking of that, completing the game on certain difficulty levels will unlock additional playable characters with their own distinctive play styles helping with replayability. You can also unlock additional play modes like a Challenge mode where you get to fight up to three of the “fallen” heroes at once and an Arcade mode where you attempt to run through the game with only one life.

There is no multiplayer. Too bad since it would be FANTASTIC to run side-by-side with a buddy through the Arcade mode!

The game has an over-the-top silly 80’s arcade feel, thanks in no small part to the pixel style graphics and 8-bit style music. The retro graphics are colorful and add to the overall silliness and fun of the game. Nothing seemed too hard to see, overly detailed, under-detailed, or glitchy. Just solid, good looking pixel-style graphics. Younger gamers may be put off by the lack of all the latest graphical bits and bobs like volumetric lighting, detailed shaders, etc… but Bleed is a retro-styled 2D action platformer and the graphics are one piece of the puzzle that makes that happen.

The other piece of the aforementioned puzzle is the audio. The background music is suitably campy and 8-bit’esque and should bring almost any 30+ gamer back to their roots and make them all teary eyed and nostalgic for consoles and arcade games of old. Sound effects are all done well and are very fitting with the overall arcade/old console feel of the game. Funky retro music and campy sound effects might spoil any other, more modern game but in Bleed they do justice to video gaming’s past.

Infamous 2

This doesn’t mean Infamous 2 doesn’t have its moments. It is still enthralling to play and will provide hours of fun and entertainment as Cole continues along his journey. He can take a lot of punishment. He is very strong and powerful and travels to New Marais to see how much stronger he can still become.

The new characters in this sequel fail to get you involved in their well-being. They don’t have a story riveting enough to keep you interested in their affairs. The new characters are Nix and Kuo in case you wondering.

You can set out on a mission to save innocent civilians from a hostile armed group of terrorists. You will have to kill the bad guys. You can use a tornado attack if you wish. The idea is to accumulate good karma points. There are many different missions to choose from. None of them are serious though and at best laughable. The bland story won’t hold your imagination for a considerable length of time and you will find it more exciting to show off with Cole’s heroic like powers. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop is one of the abilities of Cole that you should enjoy. He can get sucked into objects, so you have to be careful. You may be trying to flee a dangerous situation and Cole hangs onto a drainpipe, or catches a ladder, sticking to the danger points will frustrate you at times.

Engaging the enemies is rather exciting. You will find killing them is loads of fun and you do have effective weapons to do that. The Amp can be used to bludgeon your enemies. The camera of the game will however, not give you the view you want. You won’t be able to see where your enemies are. However, you have lots of diversified enemies to face, monsters, aliens, evil doers, which the original did not have. Many of them will frighten you. They have long life spans, and killing them won’t be as easy as you would like.

The exciting fights take place in wide open spaces. But many of these scenes turn to confined spaces as you battle between walls and inside warehouses and as you take damage the screen becomes difficult to see so you struggle to identify enemy objects. Cole can do almost anything, but he cannot swim and sometimes the deep water is approaching and his life is at stake. There are many different fighting scenes, from wastelands to the built up city. Cole must read the help messages and react on them. The citizens are dependent on him to come to their aid.

The music is another plus for this kind of adventure game. The music has been carefully designed to blend in with the scenes and give you the feeling that you are there. It will put you in the mood to play for hours and the first scene can take almost 25 hours to complete. You can use the mission editing tool to design whatever suits your fancy and you can make the enemies behave in any way you like.

Online Flash Games


The large variety of this type of games serves all tastes, as it’s aimed at multiple target markets. One can easily find online games to suit his/her taste. From adrenaline packed action shooters and fighting to relaxing point and click adventures and puzzle games, there are so many kinds it’s impossible to dislike all of them. And since there are so many available one can easily find and play Flash games he/she truly enjoys. Also, these games vary in duration. This means you can play games that can be finished in a couple of minutes, games that need hours of gameplay to reach their goals and games that last anywhere in between. In other words, games can go from time wasters, perfect to take a 5-minute break at work to games you can play on a daily basis or more.


Most of the games available online are free. Nonetheless, even the paid ones are very cheap. The vast majority of people prefer to play free online games for the obvious reasons, but there are several high-quality ones that require a low amount of money to be played as a one-time fee or as a subscription. To develop a strong player-base many of the paid games offer free initial playtime, and ask for money only after a certain moment in the gameplay progression. This method has repeatedly proven to be very efficient because it allows the user to see what the game is about before having to pay for it. Another method is selling virtual in-game currency used to purchase equipment, upgrades, skills, power-ups and other perks for real money. Even though free online games can be played at no cost whatsoever, they have other income sources, usually from ads.


In terms of accessibility these games are cross-platform and have low hardware requirements. They work on almost any computer that has a web browser and an active Internet connection. Another advantage is that these games do not need to be installed on a computer. All one has to do is open a game’s URL in a web browser, wait for it to load and start playing. That is why people play Flash games online from school, work, home and other places. With a mobile device and a Wi-Fi Internet connection you can even play these games in the park. Another great thing about online Flash games is that only the most basic computer skills are required to play them. All one needs to know is how to start the computer and use a web browser, which nowadays is basic knowledge for any computer user.

Technology of Lightcore Skylanders Giants

The Lightcore technology introduced in the Giants game is found within the toys themselves. When a figure is placed on or near the Portal of Power, the figure lights up. ‘Toy’s For Bob’, the Acitivison studio that developed Skylanders Giants went to great lengths to get the colors of light chosen for each character just right.

All Giant Skylanders have Lightcore technology. There are eight actual Giant characters in the video game, one for each of the eight Skylanders Elements (Air, Water, Life, Undead, Magic, Tech, Earth and Fire). Five of these Giants have already been released. Tree Rex, the Life Giant has an energy beam blaster that glows green, and his eyes glow blue. Crusher, the Earth Giant has shoulder spikes glow green and his eyes glow blue. Bouncer, a Tech Giant has a large gear on his chest that glows orange and his eyes glow white. Swarm, an Air Giant, has stingers that glow yellow and eyes that glow white. Hot Head, a Fire Giant has a flame on his head that glows red. The other Giants have not yet been released. These are Ninjini (Magic Giant), Eye-Brawl (Undead Giant) and Thumpback (Water Giant).

In addition, there are also eight regular sized Skylanders that have Lightcore technology. Each of these characters has a normal version, and a Lightcore version. Eruptor, a fire type, has an open mouth that glows red when he is placed on the portal. Prism Break, an Earth type, has large crystal beams that glow green. Drobot has a small orange light on his back. The other five Lightcore figures have not yet been released. These are Hex (Undead type), Pop Fizz (Magic type), Jet-Vac (Air Type), Chill (Water type) and Shroom Boom (Life type).

Dance Video Games

Surprisingly well, it turns out. Even if you have very little sense of “natural rhythm,” and would be embarrassed to be caught out on the dance floor or even in a dance class, you can learn to play and enjoy the various versions of dance games that are available on the market today.

So how exactly did the dance video game come about? Surprisingly, it happened before Dance Dance Revolution was released by Konami in 1998. It turns out that Dance Aerobics, which utilized a pad connected to the Nintendo gaming system as a user input device, was the true start of the genre when it hit the markets in 1989 (per GameFaqs, via Wikipedia). A certain segment of the Nintendo-owning population enjoyed this game, but the necessity of buying the floor-pad limited the appeal to a generation of gamers who simply couldn’t put as much money into their habit as people do today.

There’s no question, though, that DDR can be credited with starting the transformation that turned the dance gaming genre into the powerhouse it is today. And after the brand re-introduced dance pads, this time for all of the major gaming consoles, dance gaming seemed poised to enter homes across the country.

The only problem was that people who owned consoles at the time tended to be hardcore gamers, and dancing wasn’t something a majority of hardcore gamers were into. Therefore, it wasn’t until the release of the Nintendo Wii in 2006 that dance games in the home really became a marketable trend. The handheld motion controller created a more intuitive movement environment than standard handheld controllers, helping to get casual gamers and kids in on the dance game action more than ever before. Not to be outdone, PlayStation followed with its own Move controller in 2009.

Everyone has their favorites in the dance game genre, but there’s no question that Microsoft’s release of the Kinect hands-free motion controller in 2010 is what made the dance video game into something truly wonderful. The Kinect doesn’t limit motion detection to the hands or feet; instead, it tracks everything, from head-bopping to hip-swiveling to knee-bending and more. The motion capture technology of the Kinect is so sensitive that it can detect slight variations in dance moves and correct players in real time. And, unlike the dance-pad controllers, the Kinect is compatible with a variety of games outside the dance genre.

Halo 4

The Master Chief is back to battle an ancient malevolent force bent on destroying the world. Much of the story takes place on a mysterious world and involves new enemies with horrific technology. The start of the game is approximately five years after Halo 3.

If you want to play, you will find that there is no end to the fun you can have. Immerse yourself into the world and extend your playing experience by participating in new missions and scenarios. You can play solo or join up with up to three friends at a time for a multi-player experience. The center of the multi-player experience is in a large starship called the UNSC Infinity.

The war games are especially fun. You can battle enemies in new, immersive modes. The multi-player modes feature an expanded suite of weapons, armor, vehicles, and other items to choose from.

The game has no shortage of challenges. In addition to war games challenges, there are also Spartan ops challenges and Campaign challenges. The Spartan ops challenges involve killing a certain number of monsters such as Crawlers and Knights, and receiving extra experience points in return.

All of the graphics in Halo 4 are superb. Everything from the audio to the 3D animation is superior to anything most other games offer. The world is one that you can really immerse yourself in. The graphics are as realistic as gaming technology will allow.

There is something that appeals to every type of gamer. There is enough solo-able content available for those who don’t have any friends to play with. Those who enjoy the social aspects of gaming will find that this game is not lacking when it comes to multi-player content.

Even if you’re not typically into first person shooters, you’ll still find the world itself to be vast and interesting.

For players who are always hungry for achievements and challenges, there is always something to do. There are DLC and mission-based achievements, such as making it through a mission without any soldier in your party dying.

With an amazing world, fun gameplay, content for solo players and team players both, it’s no surprise that Halo 4 is a top-selling game. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re really missing out on a lot of fun.

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