Month: November 2019

About GameStop After Digital Downloads

GameStop has earned a yearly profit that is worth up to $1.8 billion a year, mainly because of the selling and reselling of used merchandise, and the developers only get paid once. So the developers and the gaming companies have found a way for them to maximize their profit, and make the games cheaper for the gamers. This move could be what is need to help combat against the rapid decline in video games sale. To help quell the assumption that the used games don’t hurt the developer profit, GameStop has gone on record, saying that 70% of the profits of used games go back into the buying new games, but what will happen when that stops? How will they be able to maintain the well-oiled machine that is GameStop? Well who knows there are many of ideas that I have but only one seems to stick out, and to me it will be the most profitable.

GameStop has done a few things that to stay ahead of the curve, it has started taking in iPod and iPhones and selling them used. This is in direct correlation with the new consoles push for digital games and DLC. It is a smart move on their part, and gives them a big profit margin with the selling of used Apple products. It has also been confirmed by TGA that they will be selling cell phone plans in the future. With the addition of selling of cell phones, GameStop will now gain revolving profit. As long as consumers pay their bill every month, GameStop will get a check. So what will GameStop become?

It seems like GameStop is preparing to change their brand over to become a “used stop”. UsedStop will be a place where you can trade in all your used gaming and electronics. People will be able to trade in their old TV, computers, Blu-Rays Player, and others to get all of the new products that will be coming out. UsedStop will keep to its old philosophy but will change their products to hit all spectrums and stay a force in the retail game. I believe that UsedStop will still stay gaming oriented, with the game informer and gaming products, but will have to change with the times to stay relevant, i.e. RadioShack.

System Shock 2

System Shock 2 is the predecessor to the successful Bioshock series. It was released in 1999 by Irrational, and all sorts of other details that we could find via google search.

Anyway, System Shock 2 is an FPS/RPG/Survival/Horror game. Yeah, it covers a lot of areas, and let me tell you, it covers all of them very well.

The setting is 2114, and you are a soldier aboard the Von Braun. You awaken with amnesia and must uncover what happened to the ship and crew. The neat thing about the opening is that you can pick your path to a certain extent. There are three branches of the military you can join (Marines, Navy, OSA), each with their own unique advantages, but for the most part, Marines are better with weaponry, Navy sailors are better with tech, and OSA agents are skilled with psionic abilities, which let you do things like move objects via telepathy or freeze enemies solid.

The first person shooting is very good, exceptional even. It’s not crazy, over the top shooting a million bullets a second Call of Duty style. No, if you try that, you will find yourself very dead once you run out of ammo and the hybrids are all over you. What it requires from you is trigger discipline and learning what time is best to fire your weapon.

As previously stated, you do roleplay quite a bit as the soldier, which can be extremely fun. There’s also an extensive upgrade system. Using cyber-modules, you can upgrade your weapon, tech, and psionic abilities as well as increase your attributes (Strength, agility, etc.). You can also upgrade your weapons with the modify skill, but be careful, because your weapons degrade over time, so you’d better be good at repair and maintenance, unless you prefer killing enemies with a good ol’ trusty wrench, which is cool too.

The survival and horror elements are strong here. If you want to make it, you’ll have to restore health whenever and wherever possible, as well as conserve ammo and explore. You may even find yourself unloading an enemy weapon just for that one extra round. Throughout the Von Braun are matter-based replicators, which with a few nanites (the currency in the game) can produce food, health kits, ammo and whatever else you may need to survive your vacation in paradise.

The crew of the Von Braun will not help you. In fact, they’ve been infected by an alien species known as “The Many”, and will fight you every step of the way. For the most part, you are alone in this fight, except for one surviving crew member who will provide you with information and cyber-modules for upgrades.

One final thing to mention is the soundtrack. Soundtracks in video games are not extremely important, but System Shock 2’s soundtrack is amazing. Fantastic. I’m particular to the song that plays in Med Sci at the beginning.

Chefville Facebook Game

You have multiple dishes to create, by using salad bars, brick ovens, grills, and so forth, but you need all of the available ingredients first in order to create them. Some dishes require additional creations built using mixers and toasters, such as creating croutons, dough, pita chips and more beforehand, which really add to the atmosphere of creating said dishes. The game also will give the real recipe so you can create your own dishes in real life, which is a really nice touch.

Visiting other players on your friend list and helping them out will net you additional resources, and if you are a regular visitor (3 visits or more), you will receive pepper, which is definitely needed for a lot of dishes. Sometimes when eating your visitors dishes or helping out, you will get a chance to receive an ingredient for use in your store, which can help if you are running low. Helping out other players actually feels like you are being rewarded for assisting, rather than just getting useless items in other games.

Some of the structures you build in the game, like the salad bar, will need players helping you in order to have them successfully created, which you will need quite a few players in this game in order to keep advancing the quests and the structures needed for said quests, or other ingredients. Like almost all Zynga games, you will need other people playing this game, which can be rather troublesome depending on others to help out, unless you want to spend real money to advance, which I don’t recommend, as almost everything can be got with Chefville players.

DLC for Dragon Age

The Blood Dragon Armour

Exclusive armour that is available from the beginning of the game and beats anything players can find throughout their time playing it.

Collector’s Edition DLC

This was a collection of three items, one of which is available from the beginning of the game, with the following two needing to be bought further in.

The Lucky Stone

This adds one point to all stats, which any Dragon Age player will tell you is a massive bonus compared to the actual leveling up done in the game.

Embri’s Many Pockets

This is another item which can be equipped to add five points to every magical type of resistance, boosting any character a player has created.

Amulet Of The War Mage

This is an item which adds five points to all magical damages, making any mage immediately better in combat.

Helm Of The Deep

This is a helmet that grants additional points to constitution, mental resistance and physical resistance, all of which helps to properly shape a great warrior in Dragon Age Origins.

Mark Of Vigilance

The Mark Of Vigilance boosts defence, spell resistance and mental resistance. These are great for building up any character in the Dragon Age universe for slaying Darkspawn.

Memory Band

The Memory Band adds one point to all experience gained, which greatly helps players throughout their time playing Dragon Age Origins as the more you level up the better moves you gain access to.

Lion’s Paw

The Lion’s Paw is a pair of boots that increase armour, obviously, but also the chance for a character to doge a normal or missile attack such as an arrow, very cool.

Feral Wolf Charm

The Feral Wold Charm added to a player’s armour, ability to regenerate outside of combat, and resistance to nature attacks, all of which are useful for all kinds of characters.

The Wicked Oath

The Wicked Oath is a ring bound to a woman’s blood many years in Dragon Age’s history. It adds to critical strike damage, improves armour penetration and combat stamina regeneration.

Band Of Fire

Band Of Fire improves constitution, fire resistance and spirit resistance.

Dalish Promise Ring

The Dalish Promise ring is, as it sounds, a promise ring of the Dalish Elves. It increases health regeneration in combat, the effects of health potions, and reduces the overall hostility a player might experience from other characters.

Guildmaster’s Belt

The Guildmaster’s Belt is a belt which increases cunning and dodge, but also improves a character’s monetary gain from looting dead foes or searching chests.

The Edge

The Edge is a dagger which increases a character’s damage dealt, critical attacks, and overall attack power.

Bulwark Of The True King

Bulwark Of The True King is a shield players can equip. It increases willpower, constitution, defense and armour in both the original game and the Awakening expansion, except in Awakening its effects are slightly greater.

Pearl Of The Anointed One

The Pearl Of The Anointed One is a necklace which increases all stats by one in the original game and two in the Awakening expansion. It also increases the monetary gain a player might experience.

Bregan’s Bow

Obviously a bow, this weapon adds to armour penetration, attack and critical or backstab damage, as with some of the other DLC the effects are increased in the Dragon Age Origins Awakening DLC.

The second form of DLC that was released for Dragon Age Origins came as actual expansions to the game play, meaning the game time was extended by several hours with each piece of this DLC, see below for a list of them and a brief explanation of each.

Warden’s Keep

This DLC took players to Soldier’s Keep, an old abandoned keep once used by the Grey Wardens. Through the DLC players aid Levi Dryden in redeeming his great great grandmother’s honor, by proving how she acted differently to the other Grey Warden’s on their day of expulsion from Ferelden. Players also gain access to two powers from the Power Of Blood school, a form of powerful blood magic.

The Stone Prisoner

The Stone Prisoner is an excellent piece of DLC for Dragon Age which adds a lot to the actual core game play. Players gain access to the town of Honnleath, where they find Shale, the stone prisoner, who is actually a stone golem created by the dwarves. The DLC leads players with Shale into the abandoned Calash Thaig where they discover the source of Shale herself, which is a deeply moving story when compared to some of the other quests in the game.

Return To Ostagar

In Return To Ostagar players return to the scene of the Grey Warden’s defeat against the Darkspawn, where King Cailan was killed. Here they can also recover the King’s armour and learn more about why the Grey Wardens were betrayed in the first place.

Feastday Gifts and Feastday Pranks

Both of the Feastday DLC packs were released as part of a way to make Dragon Age a bit more fun, adding character interactions with each, some of which improved their relationship with the player, and others which did exactly the opposite.

A Tale Of Orzammar

A Tale Of Orzammar acts as the prelude to the Dwarf Noble’s story. Players will overhear in a tavern of a well-paid job in the Deep Roads, where they will discover a lot more than gold and riches, and it acts as a good set up to the main game, although most of the race’s backstories do anyway, so it isn’t essential.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

The Darkspawn Chronicles is an alternative timeline story that tells the tale of the end of Dragon Age Origins as if the player had never existed. In this DLC Alistair has led the story and collected the characters from around the lands, but now players control the hordes of Darkspawn supporting the Arch Daemon. While a nice change of pace and fun to play, this DLC adds nothing to the story and is more about having permission to kill the smug Alistair.

Leliana’s Song

Leliana’s Song is a DLC that tells the take of how Leliana was betrayed and became the young bard working for the Chant of Light. The story is very interesting and makes players appreciate why Leliana is the way she is, and what she’s gone through in the world of Dragon Age Origins.

The Golems Of Amgarrak

In The Golems Of Amgarrak players are seeking the help of a certain Dwarf who asks them to help him find his brother’s expedition in return for this help. The quest delves into the origins of Golem creation, a dark and secret art that has been lost, and if renewed would bring great fortune to the dwarf with the knowledge.

Love Biking Games

The Challenge of Bike Games

The attraction of bike games is that it’s designed for the gamer to go against other racers. You’re pitted against various runs and tracks which are often littered with obstacles that one has to navigate around. The goal is to finish the course in the shortest time possible. With bike games, you can work on your stunts and relish excitement of riding a motorbike, even when you’re inside the house.

The first couple of courses on a motorbike game are designed to let you learn various maneuvers and build your confidence. As the game progress, the runs become harder, the barriers more difficult and your opponents become tougher. At this point, you’ll need to hone your skills so you can race with courage and pluck.

The terrain also changes as you go through the different levels. Gamers sometimes have to race on mud, rocks, sand and snow. It becomes more challenging and you’re sometimes forced to decide your next course of action in a matter of seconds. The rush is very similar to riding a real motorbike and is the reason why countless gamers enjoy this genre.

Why We Love Them

Game designers have incorporated various applications to make sure that players’ interests are stoked. One popular feature of bike games is the option to pick your character and style of motorbike so if there’s a particular model that you’re hankering, you can choose it to use in the game.

The unexpected twists and turns in these games is another thing that keeps players hooked. The precise movements and adroit maneuvers are crucial in motorbike games so you can never rest easy. They’re challenging and your skills are guaranteed to be tested through the whole run. To keep things challenging, you can either choose to go against your family, friends or the console.

Bike games are not all excitement and cool graphics either. Experts have opined that these types of games are great for improving our concentration, finger dexterity and motor skills. It totally makes sense as you have to keep focused and sharp throughout the whole game.

X-Elerated Warcraft Guide

The X-elerated Warcraft leveling guide has a unique but simple technique for calculating the best WoW leveling strategy which is primarily a combination of solo-questing and grinding.

Firstly the guide calculates optimized leveling routes when solo-questing based on a simple formula which is as follows:

XP gained from each quest divided by the total amount of time it takes to complete each quest!

This simple formula allows for the guide to calculate the most optimized leveling route for your class.

The second part of the X-elerated guides leveling strategy is good fashioned grinding which is where I felt the guide started to lose credibility!

For me grinding is not only boring but doesn’t offer that much benefit at least until later levels where you can wipe out mobs fast with combos and powerful abilities!

In fairness the X-elerated Warcraft add-on was fairly stable with minimal glitches and was obviously compliant with Blizzards terms of service.

As with most in-game add-ons the guide continually updates itself and will track your progress and calculate whether or not you’re still following the optimized leveling route which has to be said run really well compared to other WoW leveling add-ons available.

For me the X-elerated Warcraft Guide faltered slightly in terms of performance for power leveling in WoW.

The grinding aspect of the guide was slightly over-emphasized but did provide some benefit for leveling purposes although I was advised to start grinding as early as level three which really made no sense to me at all.

The guides process for calculating your questing route is simple but effective and is without doubt going to help you to power level in World of Warcraft when solo-questing.

So can you really level a character in under 4 days played time?

We never managed to but we only tested it on one character! It took us just under 8 days played time which still isn’t bad considering we had to learn how to navigate and use the guide.

Wartune Game

In similar fashion to many other browser based RPG video games, you will start off creating your own character that you will want to use for the duration of the entire video game. There are only three basic classes to choose from and they include a “Mage”, “Knight” or “Archer”. Sadly you will be unable to alter the appearance for your character so you are pretty much stuck with the generic designs that the developer has chosen for you. Still, the character design in this game is impressive overall and some gamers won’t be too fussed about this.

I must say that the game takes a bit of time to load every time you boot the game up for the first time. I’m not sure if this will happen with everyone, but the game needs to be patched so be prepared to wait patiently before you begin the game. Thankfully, you can play a neat mini-game to pass the time while the game loads. This is a first for a free to play video game and a nice touch in my opinion, although the mini-game doesn’t appear when long loading times occur when you actually start the game itself.

Once the game finally starts, your character enters a forest-like area called “Enna Pass”. The first thing you have to do is approach a menacing looking Mountain Bear and try to kill it. This serves as the game’s first battle sequence as it teaches you the basics of the game’s combat mechanics.

Combat in Wartune is the traditional turn based system used in lots of other RPG video games. All you have to do is click on an attack or skill that you want to execute at the bottom of the screen and your character will automatically respond in kind. The combat in this game is fast paced and the animation is impressive to say the least. This isn’t the kind of turn based RPG game where the characters are slow to react your button commands.

As you progress, there will be more members that will join you in your party that can aid you in battle. One of the more helpful members that tag along early on in the game is a young girl that heals you in the background. If you take a lot of damage during battle, she will ensure your life bar is full enough for you to survive the duration of the battle.

This helpful lady is actually a character that you need to save from danger at the very beginning of the game as she is being attacked by a group of angry bears. Although some people might say saving a “damsel in distress” is one of the most clichéd stories in the history of mankind, but I personally didn’t mind the storytelling aspects that this game provided. It’s better than just approaching a random non playable character on the street and accepting quests like that as most other games do.

As previously mentioned, Wartune is not only an RPG video game but it also includes RTS elements in there as well. Once you save the young girl, you will travel back to her city and then the city building aspects of the game are introduced. Much like in RTS video games, you will have to collect resources for your city and construct buildings. The integration between the RPG and RTS elements work really well. The loot you receive from killing monsters on the ground level can be used to upgrade the buildings in your city and so forth. It’s a neat feature that is not seen in any other game I’ve played recently.

Graphically, Wartune looks amazing for a browser based video game. The character models look highly detailed as does the environments. This does come at a price though because as I previously mentioned, the loading times are pretty lengthy and frequent too. The loading times aren’t unbearably long like they are in other video games, although they will annoy you.

Flight Simulator Games

Advantage of flight simulator games

You will be able to practice these games in an ease at your home comfort. You don’t have to be a pilot or a flight lieutenant to play this game. This would help an individual to simulate a helicopter, hot air balloon, fixed wing aircraft etc. Thus the player can easily choose the type of vehicle they wish to fly. Since the vehicles online provides the shape of realistic flight model, the user will feel really enthusiastic about the game. You will be able to get global airspace map before playing this game online.

Benefits of the dreamers in realistic flight simulator

Flying real plane in skies has always been the dream of many youngsters. Even the college going student dreams about getting aviation as their career. The encouragement received from flight simulator games will definitely help the young students to achieve success in their career. The powerful and improved techniques included in flying games would help you to rejuvenate your mind. Just after coming back from job, you must feel tired and stressed out. You can now provide a great stimulation to your nerve once you carry on with flight simulator games.

Professional pilots are trained with the help of large flight simulator. Now you can be the virtual pilot in the space with 3D movement. There are scopes of playing the game alone as well as with the help of other friends. Virtual helicopters as well as air buses are available to provide you with zeal.

Realistic flight simulator for real adventure

There are many activities which provide a great adventure to people around. Some of the people in the society get immense pleasure with the activity of ski diving where as other gets pleasure in under water ride. But you can now get a wonderful activity with the help of online games related to flight simulation. You don’t need to own an aircraft or be a pilot of the same to be a realistic flight simulator. They are generally the trained pilots used in the time of emergency. You will feel really proud to be such pilots even if it is an online game.

Dead Island

The in-game combat is done through the use of melee weapons and firearms where melee is emphasized and mostly used. Generally, in a zombie apocalypse, you don’t want to alert a horde where they would come in a swarm and generally, rip you to shreds. It will be easier taking on one zombie and moving on to another one. The first quarter of the game is with melee only and then firearms are introduced but melee is often the best choice of weapon to use in the game. Weapons can be found in predetermined locations with generally stats based on the player’s level. With each weapon, it can be upgraded four times to increase the stats. With combat, there is a stamina bar which means each physical action takes up a chunk of stamina which means you are limited to what you can do within a specific time before you have to regain your stamina.

In the game, each zombie has different abilities. The infected are both the running and charging types and those who are walkers. There is also the specialized zombies which are the thug (those with enhanced strength), the suicide (those who exploded to damage surrounding enemies), the ram (a large zombie in a straitjacket who charges the player), the butcher (who has sharpened bones as knives) and the floater (who spews flammable acid-like vomit).

Unlike other zombie games like the Left for Dead series, this game has the feature of a role-playing game where you can level up and build up your character. The blood and gore in the game is a plus for any zombie game. The driving in the game is a bit sketchy at the moment but it is an interesting feature to drive and plough through a horde of zombie freely with blood splattering everywhere.

Strategies Online Fighting Games

Keep Up the Defense

It may be tempting to go into a match with raging bloodlust, pummelling the other player with an endless series of fatal blows. In reality, however, this technique is only works with a strong characters guided by a skilled fighter. If you don’t have the strength or the skills necessary to obliterate your enemy in a single epic offensive strike, you’ll probably have to take some defensive measures as well. The hallmark of a true warrior is his ability to defend himself against threats, and take aggressive action when he knows he can do the most damage.

Choose Your Weapons

Most online fighting games will give you a choice of characters to play, and may often include options for special moves or even weapons. Sometimes you will only be able to afford in-game upgrades after you have proven yourself in a number of winning fights. The characters, moves and tools available will vary between online games. In any case, make sure to take full advantage of any options presented, and don’t miss out on valuable upgrades that can make you stronger and more powerful.

Take Your Time

In the fast-paced, action packed world of online games, it can be easy to feel the pressure to act quickly. While razor sharp instincts and expert motor skills will go a long way, patience can be equally valuable in these scenarios. Sometimes this means simply taking the time to play a game over and over until you develop the expertise to master the challenge. It can also apply to individual battles in which acting too quickly, without pausing to consider your actions and anticipate the enemy’s next move, can prove fatal. A balance between fast response time and thoughtful consideration is ideal.