Month: December 2019

Harvest Lands

This game has many great things to offer. The monsters (unfortunately named “Nummies”) are adorable, and all the graphics are cute and sharp. You start off exploring the woods, gathering resources. This is done through a variety of swiping and tapping gestures, depending on what resource you are trying to gather.
You return to the town where you can build shops to sell these resources for gold. Gold is used to upgrade a variety of things, such as your population size limit. Both gold and the various resources are used for the other key mechanic- monster collecting.

As you explore, you come across Nummies in the wild. Many of them will offer you a “quest.” If you can meet their conditions in five minutes, they will join your population. Their conditions include giving them a certain number of gold, resources, or even controlling a specific Nummi to complete the mission. They have a rarity indicator too, and the more rare the Nummi, the higher the requirements.

So this idea of collecting monsters and harvesting and selling resources is a great start, but unfortunately that is where the game ends. There is no “Pokedex” or list to check off the different ones you’ve captured. There is very little interaction with the Nummies, and the village offers very little to do. This could be fine, as the gathering itself involves a lot of time and effort. However, this type of game is best experienced in short bursts (think “Tiny Tower” and how you could restock your shops in a minute or two). This game, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of time to harvest the material, and then very little to do after that.

Basically, it is too limited in complexity to sit down and play, but it takes so much time to restock your shop that it can’t be done as you walk to the bus stop. It has a handful of other challenges as well. The menus are very confusing, and I had no clue what I was trying to do when I accepted my first quest. Also the gestures require some swiping motions that wore my hand out pretty quickly.

Now, the developers, Little Hero Games, are aware of these last two issues, and assure me that they will be corrected in an upcoming update. This is the first game released by this studio, and it definitely displays a lot of promise. The graphics are great, the controls are responsive, and the ideas are unique. I look forward to seeing what’s next from this studio.

Door Kickers

At the beginning of each level, you are given a select number of SWAT troopers, each equipped with their own set of equipment, and a greyed out level showing that you do not have any prior knowledge on where the terrorists or hostages would be. So far, there is only two types of troopers where one is equipped with a customized 1911 pistol and the other equipped with a M4 style carbine and a pistol. Each trooper can carry a limited amount of flashbangs which can temporarily stun the enemy so you can have the upper hand. Before starting each level, you have to analyse the situation, plan each trooper’s route and execute the plan. You can stick with on the fly improvisation or planned routes to complete the level. There are a variety of levels in the game and each one can be completed in minutes but perfect planning is needed to get the mission complete without making any wrong moves.

The game in its alpha stage is available on Windows, Mac and Linux with handhelds being developed later on. So far, there is only a single player component by multiplayer might come later. Currently, you can get the demo on their website at All the missions can be played in a variety of ways so the choice is up to you. I find the game to be well developed even at the alpha stage with very few bugs. Though there are some things that hinder the game a bit such as the way you control each trooper, the game is easy to play and can provide quite a bit of hours spent. Now, how quick and how flawlessly can you execute your plans to kill the terrorists and save the hostages?

World of Warcraft Herb

  • To begin using Herbalism a player must start by being at least level 5, and then the player can learn Apprentice Herbalism by being visiting any of the numerous herbalism trainers.
  • If you are having difficulties finding a trainer, you can ask any major city guard where an Herbalism trainer can be found.
  • When you begin harvesting plants out on the fields make sure that you turn on the “Find Herbs” ability. By doing so, it will display every nearby herb on the minimap.
  • To gain skill in herbalism all you would need to do is gather certain herbs that give you skill points. Each herb has a different color, and these will help you determine how likely you will gain a skill point after harvesting that herb.
  • Like every other World of Warcraft profession, the World of Warcraft Herb guide tells us that Herbalism will give a player a unique perk. In this case, the perk is called Lifeblood. The best part of this perk is that a player can use it while they are invisible, and by using this perk a player can use the nutrients from the earth to heal wounds and increase speed.
  • There is a great item that a few vendors sell that will give +10 into Herbalism. The item is called an Herbalist’s spade, and it helps herbalism profession players gain easy herbalism skill points. The World of Warcraft herb guide offers a list of vendors where this item can be purchased.
  • If you raise your Herbalism profession level high enough, you can gain easy profit by selling the herbs you gather to Alchemists who did not choose Herbalism as one of their professions.
  • Herbalism add-ons are great tools for any herb gatherer because it can remember locations where you have found gatherable material, and also tell you locations that you have not discovered yet.

The synergy herbalism has with alchemy can open many doors for both professions. Say an alchemist does not wish to rely on other herbalist or waste money buying herbs; it would be a great idea to have both alchemy and herbalism as main professions in order to be self-sufficient. Although this would be the best way of pursuing the alchemy profession, there are many alchemist professionals that lack the herbalism profession and always be supply deficient. A World of Warcraft herb guide suggests taking up herbalism to make loads of gold from marketing herbs to those needy Alchemists.

Dominate Halo Reach

  • Shot Placement: There’s a very common misconception out there that you should always be aiming for your opponent’s head and that they will die faster when your shot grouping is focused above the shoulders. This is only partially true. When your opponents shield has yet to “pop”, it does not matter where your shots are placed. You could hit your opponent in the pinky finger and it will do the same amount of damage as a shot to the center of his facemask will do. However, once the shield pops, then the head is key. One shot with the DMR, Pistol, or a couple of bullets with any weapon really will finish them off. So, the idea is to initially aim for the largest target there is, the chest. This way, once the shield pops, it’s an easy shot to the head and you’re off to the next victim.
  • Use Your Armor Well and Use it Often: There are a few maps where a certain armor type offers a real strategic advantage over the other armor types. For example, Sword Base. I always use the Jet Pack here. I started doing it, because I like to get to the shotgun first after initial spawn, and I get it in virtually every game on Sword Base. Also, you can move from level to level very easily with the Jet Pack and often have wide open grenade possibilities. What is most important is that you are comfortable with the armor ability you are using. Often, there is no real advantage from one armor type to another. It’s really about how you use it and that you use it. Armor is far too important a tool to be sitting in the box. Lastly, where there may be no obvious advantage from one armor type to another. A chosen armor type on the wrong map can be a disadvantage. For example, on most indoor maps, the Jet Pack can be fairly useless. These maps are more catered to the fast (Sprint), furious (Armor Lock) and the cunning (Hologram/Active Camo).
  • Situational Weapons: Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, but most definitely do bring a knife to a dark room filled with opponents. Always pay attention that you are bringing the right weapon to the right situation. For example, if your running with the DMR and the Assault Rifle, have your DMR as primary for areas of long sight lines, but when you are heading into close quarters, switch to the Assault Rifle. Watch where you are and where you are going. If you are heading out into open space, get that DMR ready. Also, know which grenade you have active. If you are heading into a room, or into blind corners, have the Plasma Grenade active and be ready to stick the next croucher. And with open areas, the Frag Grenade is a better option where bounce shots and bank shots are more effective.


Be a Killer Gamer

One thing you can use is Gunnar glasses which will lessen your eye strain and lower the blue light that you see, enabling you to see better while gaming. Gunnar glasses come in a variety of colors and styles but you can find a pair for about 50-100 dollars. Many professional gamers use gunnar glasses and some are even sponsored by them.

Another accessory you can use for controllers is Kontrol Freek thumbstick extenders. Kontrol Freek accessories will allow you to better control your game without raising the sensitivity in the settings high. They are fairly inexpensive as well, ranging from 10-20 dollars. Professional gamers use Kontrol Freek thumbstick extenders as well, they can be used with PS3 or Xbox controllers as well.

If you are playing a first person or third person shooter there are some tips to help you do better in a firefight, especially online. Movement is an excellent way to avoid being hit when in a firefight. By movement i mean, running, crouching, “dolphin diving” and looking around for opponents. Dolphin diving is the process of going from standing up to prone, which is useful when spawning, and as soon as you are being fired at. Looking around corners and checking behind you is also a good idea as well, filling gaps in areas your team has not moved to is a good idea as well.

When sniping its a good idea to aim for the head first but if not shoot for the chest. Automatic weapons get better accuracy at long range when you use burst fire, either using three round bursts or changing the firing mode. Using good cover when firing or sniping is a good idea as well. Look for either rocks, foliage, or trees to break up your profile making it harder to see or find you. Stand back a few feet when sniping from either a window or a top of a building, it makes it harder for people to find you and shoot at you.

Nintendo Game System

NES or Nintendo Entertainment System developed this way craze in the general public that Nintendo began designing, manufacturing and eventually released game systems that even became immensely popular.

Nintendo is known for a “no tolerance” stance against emulation of its video games and consoles, stating that it is the one largest threat to the intellectual rights of video game developers. Nintendo is bringing Netflix’s online streaming video service to its Wii gaming console, the most popular within the industry, Nintendo is attempting to create a blue ocean by making a distinctive gaming expertise with straightforward access to a back-catalog of games, while at the identical time creating a product ecosystem, and I for one applaude them for their try, sink or swim.

After the NES, Nintendo offered the Super NES or Super Nintendo, that was additionally a hit. Nintendo additionally entered the handheld gaming systems industry and developed and released their 1st ever handheld game system called the GameBoy. GameBoy was a big success that Nintendo continued to develop totally different gaming consoles each for standard gaming consoles and for handheld gaming consoles.

In 1996, Nintendo released Nintendo 64 or N64 which was even a hit. With this gaming console, 3D technology was 1 of the key features that created it a success. With gorgeous graphics in its time, Nintendo 64 became a legend. However, something bigger and better was about to come.

In 2001, another handheld gaming system was released by Nintendo. Nintendo named it the GameBoy Advance. This specific handheld gaming system took the world by storm and it’s proven to be another gaming system success for Nintendo. GameBoy Advance has graphics that is higher than Super NES and it also comes during a streamline shape and little size that can easily work your pocket. Compared to its predecessor, the GameBoy and GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance is far more advanced in terms of graphics technology and also in game play.

In the same year (2001) another version of gaming console was released by Nintendo. It was known as the GameCube and it competed really well against different new game consoles that were popping out of the market. Though GameCube wasn’t extremely successful compared to alternative gaming consoles that were released in the market, it fully was accepted by the public as a smart game system for their kids.

People thought that nothing will get higher than Nintendo GameBoy Advance. But,, Nintendo’s competitors developed a so much more and more advanced handheld game systems and Nintendo responded with the Nintendo DS. This specific handheld gaming system is one of the most recent and even one of the most well-liked handheld game systems out in the market today. With features that were never before seen in a very handheld gaming system, like touch screen technology, and integrated Wi-Fi On-line capabilities, Nintendo DS is considered to be the following generation in handheld gaming technology.

Nintendo games are unmatched in quality: Nintendo’s titles very are that much higher than those created by 3rd parties and so sell well based mostly upon quality, and not complete trust. Nintendo games are designed to be safer. Nintendo games are equally as vulnerable to blinking and non-playability if the console is dirty as they’re if the games themselves need to be cleaned, and it is way more and more difficult to clean the inside of a console, which was never meant to be opened by the top user.

Not solely can it guarantee great quality games, but it can even provide you 1 of the simplest video gaming experiences that you can ever have. With a wide library of games, you will surely never get bored after you play with the Nintendo gaming systems. With all the technological advancement that Nintendo have within the gaming console business, you’ll be ready to only imagine what the individuals in Nintendo can assume of next in their gaming systems.

Get Better at Call of Duty

Play With A Clan

It wasn’t until I started playing with a clan that I improved at Call of Duty. There are a couple of reasons why you want to start playing with a clan. First of all, when you’re in a clan you get comfortable at playing Cod. You make jokes, laugh, talk about randoms things with your clan members which relaxes you. So instead of running around and getting angry with yourself after losing and/or dying, you’re more likely to brush it off or laugh about it with your clan-mates. Playing with a clan builds confidence. When you play with your clan against randoms, you’re in a good position to win a lot of games. Before i joined a clan, I rarely won. If you play by yourself, you rarely do. There are too much newbies running around who play for their own agenda. Nothing puts a damper on your confidence level like losing. You might not see it in the beginning but it affects your overall skill at the game. When I first joined a clan, we rarely lost. Every match become funner and I got better. I felt as though every game I play, I am going to kick ass. The reason being was because we knew each other. We knew where on the map were our favorite places and where the enemy was through communication. However, the key is to get into a good clan which brings me to my second reason for joining a clan

When getting into a clan, you want to get into a clan that has a number of players that are better than you. As with anything in life, if you want to get good at something surround yourself with people who are already good at it. This has helped me more than anything else. Playing with a clan that is better than you creates opportunities to ask the good players how to get better and it also forces you to get better through playing with better players. You can learn what they do, where on the map they go and what guns, perks and attachments they use.

Play Search and Destroy

For those of you, who’ve watched Dragonball Z, search and destroy is like the hyperbolic time chamber of call of duty. This game mode teaches you how to survive, kill and have a better feel for the map. Search and destroy focuses on surviving and getting kills to win the round and ultimately, the match. I remember playing search and destroy for a couple of months and being amazed at how good I’d become at all the other game modes. Every other game type is fairly easy once you become moderately good at search and destroy. In addition, wherever kids “camp” in normal game types get magnified in search and destroy. What you have is a bunch of noobs that are afraid of dying so they hide out. This is a gift and curse. A curse in that it gets frustrating when you’re on a roll and a noob kills because he is camping so hard that the marshmallows are just bursting out of his rifle. It’s also a gift because after a few days playing search you’ll find out all the hiding places and have a one up on them.

Keep Your Gun at Mid-Level

There are a lot of players that aim their gun down while running through the map. What happens is when you find yourself face to face with another opponent, you have to swing your gun up and to whichever side the enemy is facing. It takes takes too much time and is inefficient. If you have the gun up already, all you have to do is swing it left or right. It’s common sense and pretty simple but I’ve played with a lot of people who always have their gun facing down. Ideally, you want to aim with the crosshairs then aim in.

WALK Around The Map

Last but not least, my fourth tip. Walk as much as you can and do it around the map. Countless times, I’ve killed a newbie running across the very middle of the map. There are two reasons why you DON’T want to do this. Firstly, when you venture into the middle or center of maps you can get picked off in any direction. The second reason is not only does this get you killed but it gets you paranoid. You want to be as calm as possible when playing the game and I can’t think of two things that gets me on edge like running and going in the middle of the map. When I play, I walk around the map as much as I can. I feel as though when I am walking I have more time to react to situations and see more enemies whether they are at a distance or hiding in a camping spot. Also, it is quicker to aim in when you’re walking rather than running. Try running only to turn. It should be a quick movement. Other than that, walk only. There are times when you’re in the zone and know where enemies are and walking will only slow you down, but if you’re not “in the zone”, just walk. You want to walk AROUND the map. If you’re walking around the map, you get to pick off enemies that are running in the middle of the map very easily and you only have to look to your right and in front of you if you are walking around the map clockwise and visa versa.

80s Arcade Games

Donkey Kong

This was one of my ultimate favorites to play as a kid. The game was groundbreaking for its time and featured an ape, a damsel in distress and an Italian plumber playing out a wacky storyline. Mario, a carpenter, runs up platforms and climbs ladders at a construction site while the ape named Donkey Kong throws barrels at him. Mario must also dodge fire and other obstacles to get to the top of the platforms and rescue the damsel being held by the grouchy Donkey Kong. Mario became Nintendo’s flagship character and spawned several different game sequels. Nintendo originally wanted to make a Popeye comics game but could not get a license for him. They decided to develop their own characters and created a love triangle between an ape, a carpenter, and a girlfriend, that was similar to the love triangle between Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl. Donkey Kong was created in 1981 and sold 132,000 hardware units and generated $280 million through 1982.

Space Invaders

This is probably one of the most addictive games I have ever played. When it eventually came out on Atari 2600, my friends and I would play it for hours on end. The game consists of a laser canon at the bottom of the screen that moves from side to side while you shoot at waves of approaching alien invaders. After shooting the first wave of aliens, the remaining ones begin to approach much faster. Soon the aliens begin firing back and there are bunkers you can move beneath to avoid their fire. Eventually the bunkers are destroyed by the aliens firing at them which make the game all the more challenging. The sound effects are eerily exciting as you play. Although this game was released in 1978, we decided to include it in this list because of its impact on the video gaming industry. It was so advanced for its time and was almost solely responsible for expanding the video game industry from a novelty to a global industry. It sold 360,000 hardware units and generated $2.7 billion in gross revenues.


This was the grandaddy of them all! What made Pac-Man so popular was its appeal to both genders. While many of the early games involved space and aliens, Pac-Man was a game almost anyone could enjoy regardless of what their interests were. It was basically the same concept as Ms. Pac-Man except it was released before her. The object was to eat all the pellets and avoid the ghosts to score as many points as possible. The ghost’s movements are preset and were given their own distinct personalities to help keep the game interesting. The red ghost chases Pac-Man and the pink and blue ghosts try to get in front of Pac-Man. The orange ghost, Clyde, chases Pac-Man but moves towards the lower left corner of the screen when it gets too close to him. The game has 255 levels but a bug in the programming keeps you from going past that. Pac-Man is one of the highest grossing games of all time. It boasts 400,000 hardware units sold with gross revenues of $3.5 billion!

Zombie Assault Game

Since the success of Resident Evil in the 90’s, many game developers have joined the bandwagon and attempted to use the “zombie craze” to their advantage by incorporating zombies into their games. Hugely popular game franchises such as the Dead Space series, Dead Island Series, Dead Rising series or the Left 4 Dead series all feature zombies as the main enemies that the player has to face and defeat. Of course, these series are just the tip of the iceberg, for there are hundreds of video games involving zombies available for every imaginable platform from consoles to mobile phones.

However, you don’t need to go out and buy a game console or an expensive gaming computer if you feel like going on a zombie killing rampage. Thanks to flash games, you can experience the fun of massacring hundreds of undead monsters on any regular computer with internet connection. In this article we are going to look at probably the most popular zombie flash game on the internet at the moment – the SAS: Zombie Assault.

Not surprisingly, the game involves defeating zombies, however, it includes several original features that make it unique. Once the game is loaded, you will find yourself in an area surrounded by concrete walls that separate you from the outside world full of zombies. But don’t feel too secure! For there are several holes in the concrete walls blocked only by fragile wooden barricades. The zombies can break down these barricades quite easily, unless you keep repairing them fast enough. So very soon, you will find yourself running from one barricade to another while shooting zombies at the same time. Once a barricade fails, there is nothing to stop the zombies from rushing inside to get you! In that case, your only chance is to shoot them down before they get you first.

For every zombie that you kill, you receive money that can be used to restock on ammunition or buy better, more effective weapons. You also receive bonus money for every “wave” of zombies that you wipe out. If you think that SAS: Zombie Assault is just another mindless shooter game, you will quickly realize that that is not the case. Because as the game progresses, you will find that each new wave of zombies is stronger than the previous one. So as the pace and difficulty increases, you will find it very difficult to keep the zombies away from you without coming up with a good strategy.

At the moment there are 3 versions of the game available. Compared to the first version of the game, SAS: Zombie Assault 2 introduced better weapons, larger maps, smarter enemies as well as a ranking system which awards you with special abilities and skills as your rank increases. The newest addition to the series, SAS: Zombie Assault 3 has brought the biggest update to the series so far. It added new game modes, maps, guns and skills but mainly a co-op multiplayer so that you can now face the zombies together with your friends or people from all around the world! So what are you waiting for? Those zombies won’t go away on their own!

Playstation Move

The controller was in the works by Sony Entertainment as early as 2001. Early prototype versions of the Move were in circulation such as the Eye Toy but these motionless controllers failed to capture people’s attentions. By 2008 Sony had finished work on the Move and was ready to launch it to the public.

With the public and media giving the PS3 Move rave reviews, the Move was being applied to all Sony PlayStation wireless games. The first game to utilize this was Dual Shock 3, which enabled a player to use the analog stick of the Move for the use of the sword in game. Rumors also at the time speculated that Sony had developed the Move in retaliation against Nintendo Wii’s wireless Nunchuck remote, but Sony denied any of those allegations.

The Move was finally released being just a bit too late for the Christmas rush but right in time for all those viable game players to spend their Christmas money on this new remote. The logo probably has to be the most innovative thing with the PlayStation Move, a blue squiggly shape which is supposed to be a representation of the light trail left by the Move as you move it about with the lighted sensor sphere within.

The Move was an automatic success which also incorporated a large selection of third party video game support, something very rare for new out-of-the-box designs such as the Move. Even today the Move sells almost a hundred thousand units.