Month: February 2020

Lost Winds 2

The first thing I noticed about Lost Winds 2 were the amazing visuals, characters are well defined with smooth animations, there are no overlapping pixels and backgrounds are elegant and vibrant. Interactive elements are clear and there’s clear distinction between background and play field. The music is an enchanting melody so relaxing that you don’t really realize its there until you turn the sound off, it’s incredibly immersive and I think it adds to the addictive nature of the gameplay.

Game controls are brilliantly simple, a lot of thought has gone into utilizing the touch screen. The default movement settings are tap movements, tapping on a position will make you move there and holding for a second will make you walk that way until you stop yourself or reach an obstacle that is too high to climb normally. Alternatively, you can visit the options and switch to a virtual d-pad, you can also position it too your taste. Personally, I found the tap settings far superior mainly because it allows you to play one handed and I’m a lazy gamer at heart. A quick swipe creates a wind gust which you can use to jump and push items, a slower swipe will create a slipstream which you can use to lift objects or carry fire to where it’s needed. Pinching your fingers creates a vortex which you can use to hold objects and enemies in place and this is probably the most important mechanic you’ll use, it’s essential for defeating enemies and comes into play in puzzles as well.

As you progress through the story, you gain access to new powers and items that make your progress easier or open new paths for you. Level design is simply brilliant, you’ll need to utilize your powers to their utmost. The puzzles are incredibly challenging but not frustrating. The actual game world is fairly small but requires a lot of backtracking to gain items and powers. There is no quick travel so you have to go everywhere the hard way, it’s not so bad due to the compartmented level design and it adds a much needed longevity to the title. I completed Lost Winds 2 in about 10 hours, not bad for an iOS title but it leaves your appetite unsated. I was wanting more to do after finishing but there is practically no replay value, you can try to find all the hidden collectibles but trying to play through again offers no new challenges, that though, is the only negative I have.

Lost Winds 2 is a very stable app, I never had any force closes, but be aware that you can’t just switch it off anywhere. The game saves at checkpoints marked with a totem pole, saving is automatic and when you start playing again, you start from the last statue visited. If you don’t want to replay sections again, you need to visit one before shutting the app.

As a little aside, finding the hidden tiki statues unlocks different characters for the photo mode where you can place characters from the game onto your own pictures. If you choose to, share them on social media or save them to your device. Personally, this didn’t really appeal to me but fans of the series may get a kick out of making their own photos with game characters.

Lost Winds 2 is amazing to play, it’s just unfortunate that it’s so short. It’s challenging however and the touch gestures are intuitive and innovative. You’ll occasionally gust when you want a slipstream but it’s never a big problem due to great level design. This title is most definitely worth a look and is suitable for all ages and tastes, easily 4 stars, the only letdown being the limited length.

Online Rummy Games

  • Online is the watchword of the future: We all know that the importance of the online world is only going to increase as time passes. Therefore it makes sense to assume that a game like rummy in the online form is unlikely to fade away.
  • Stressful lifestyles needing easy recreation to create balance: Our lifestyles have really changed over the years. Everybody accepts that the stress levels have gone up and we need easily accessible recreation to balance work and play. Online Indian Rummy definitely fits the bill.
  • Legally allowed to be played for money: Rummy has been declared a game of skill, thus making it legally acceptable to be played for financial stakes. And we all know that playing rummy for cash adds to the thrill of playing. Having it legally acceptable to play for money makes it easy for you to enjoy playing without any doubts.
  • Much liked game across all segments: Another thing about rummy is that almost everyone likes to play the game. This is true regardless of age, profession, gender, social status or any other criteria. Having a game like this available online would definitely add to its appeal.
  • Is a game that promotes good qualities: Rummy besides being fun and entertaining, also makes the player acquire many good qualities and skills. This would include improved memory, better planning, increased capacity to multitask and a keener sense of observation.

As you can see that online rummy is a phenomenon that is not just a flash in the pan. It is a game that is just picking up steam as more and more players are just starting to discover this option. What is more the presence of good sites with impeccable reputation entering this area to host online games has also added to the allure of playing.

Another aspect of this Rummy Online Games phenomenon that we have to consider is from the point of view of the sites that host these games. Obviously the increased interest and participation of players in online rummy has also made it profitable for sites, to host the game. This results in a win-win situation, with sites enjoying the fruits of their efforts to provide a good gaming experience and players getting to enjoy the results of intense competition providing them with greater options.

Darksiders 2

Well then, let’s start with the introductions. After the first game, War is somehow captured and imprisoned for the actions he did. Death, the protagonist for Darksiders 2, does not believe that his brother could do such things as he considered him an honorable Horseman of the Apocalypse. Well, I’d consider War honorable for all the beating he did during the first game. LOL. In any case, the time period isn’t very different from War’s but there is little to no narrative in this game. That works for me, since I am not exactly keen with games that has long storylines and dialogues.

Now with the original Darksiders, the atmosphere is cloudy, dark, and depressing with hordes of enemies dressed in chunks of armor and armed to the teeth with blades, axes, swords and other varieties of weapons to match. With Darksiders 2, it gets even better; the skies become more ominous, there’s thunderstorms almost everywhere and there are particular levels where you walk on a fragile bridge with loads of molten hot lava underneath! Even the buildings and spires look so terrifying as you help Death accomplish his mission.

One of the fun things I noticed in Darksiders 2 are the side characters. Some of them are really well-made. While they don’t have long dialogues, most of these undead behemoths and demon rulers talk without any humor while Death answers with either a death glare or a hiss, which is supposedly what it’s meant to be. It is a set during the entire Biblical Apocalypse thing, so you can’t expect comedians to exist during a dreary time like this, right?

When you start playing, you are introduced to the combat system and how you gain money and upgrades through items you get from the enemies you slay in battle. Coins, weapons, and armor are just some of the stuff you get from monsters and, as standard rules apply, higher level monsters mean higher level items. Oh, you get a primary weapon and a secondary weapon as well, and there’s a customisation setup for rare possessed weapons, so if you find yourself playing or exploring dungeons, be on the lookout for these items.

The only downside that I’ve seen with Darksiders 2 are the bosses. Some are ridiculously easy to beat while some are just lame. In any case, it’s still a fun game to play. For PC players though, make sure that your computer has good specs already; otherwise, you won’t be able to appreciate Darksiders 2 as a whole!

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite takes place in the early 20th century among the clouds, on the fictional floating city of Columbia. Players interact with the world through the eyes of Booker DeWitt, a man tasked with recovering a young woman named Elizabeth for an unnamed employer in New York City. Along the way, DeWitt finds himself up against a fierce protectorate for the girl-people who believe that she’s destined to lead them in spreading the ultra-conservative ideals of their leader, Comstock-in addition to a separatist faction of revolutionaries called the Vox Populi looking to overthrow Comstock’s harsh rule.

The game is a first-person shooter filled with pistols, machine guns, and RPGs, but the more interesting combat aspect comes from “vigors,” semi-magical endowments that let you throw fireballs, electrify enemies, and send flocks of ravenous crows at unsuspecting baddies.

But while combat is a big element of the game, it’s the story that makes BioShock Infinite a must-play.

One of the biggest (and, in my opinion, most interesting) trends in video games today is the emphasis on taking players on a narrative journey. Infinite weaves together a tale that engages players and makes them confront some unsettling themes.

The story doesn’t shy away from taking a hard look at the potential horrors of revolution, racism, and religion. In one scene early on, the player is forced into a choice whether or not to throw a baseball at an interracial couple put on display by the ultra-conservative townspeople.

One of the game’s most impressive feats (aside from the visuals, which look fantastic) is the AI behind Elizabeth, who becomes something of a traveling companion fairly early on. Whereas some games might be content to have you playing protector, here Elizabeth is smart enough to hold her own. In combat, she’s able to help you by tossing ammo or health packs your way. She can also open up transdimensional rifts to give you access to weapons, cover, and more.

Seriously, the AI behind Elizabeth is fantastic, and she has personality. Not since Half-Life 2‘s Alyx has a game companion been so multi-layered and fun to be around.

Also fun are Columbia’s Sky-Lines, railways traversing the city that Booker is able to latch onto via a rotating hook he scores early on in the game. The Sky-Lines add some vertical fun to things, letting you leap up and zoom around levels, dodging fire until launching off and landing on enemies.

Whether you’ve played the earlier BioShock games or not doesn’t matter. The game’s a standalone adventure that you can pick up and immediately start losing yourself in the crazy, awe-inspiring world that’s been set up.

Even with being so story-focused, the game has a good amount of replayability, too. Columbia has a good number of nooks and crannies to explore, rewarding you with new gear to give Booker different offensive and defensive traits and achievements (or trophies, depending on your platform) for discovering things like audio recordings and other secrets.

Win a Gold Cup in Solid Rider

  • Step 1: Go to the game’s main menu and select a level. For starters, you have to overcome the first level before you can unlock the next level and so on.
  • Step 2: Play the first level and take note of the time that you need to beat so that you could win a Gold Cup. In other words, you need to finish the entire level within 38 seconds. Quick Tip: Press the arrow up key to go on full throttle and don’t press any other key unless you need to climb up a hill or jump over a cliff.
  • Step 3: If ever you fail in your first attempt, just press the “Restart” button at the bottom left side of your screen. Repeat the level until you succeed in winning the Gold Cup. If not, you can always opt to proceed to the next level since the game will let you do so as long as you succeed in getting any of the three trophies.
  • Step 4: Proceed to the succeeding levels. Just like in Level 1, your total time should qualify for the first rank. However, keep in mind that the level of difficulty in the succeeding levels will be more difficult than usual.
  • Step 5: Complete all eight levels by winning the Gold Cups. Apparently, you will need a total of eight Gold Cups to unlock the Bonus level.

Compared to other racing games, Solid Rider has a full set of controls. The four arrow keys are meant to control the racer’s speed and motion. You can also use the A and S keys to stop the motorbike from accidentally bumping into solid objects while on full throttle. Considering the game’s type of gameplay, it is a must for you to master its controls. By doing so, it would be a whole lot easier for you to control the racer’s movement. Not only that. You also need to have a clear image of your racing course. If you know what lies ahead then it would be easier for you to initiate a strategy or a plan to avoid those unseen obstacles. One effective way of doing so is by referring to the game’s Special Map which displays an overview of the full obstacle course.


The game is divided into a number of missions where the player accepts the missions through a PDA where the player can also buy new gear and add more resource points to different skills. Each mission usually involves entering a building and hacking a computer. With each level, the building is shown as a two-dimensional cross-section where you can see the guards and all the security features of the building with the objective somewhere in the building. The player can also run and climb on walls, use stairwells and elevators and the ability to jump great heights and distances without taking damage due to Conway’s Bullfrog hypertrousers. Though he can survive long falls, he can be killed by a single gunshot.

With the Crosslink as the main use in each mission, the player can gain access to the connections in the security mainframe. This will allow the player to change how things are being connected to allow the player to complete their mission. For example, you can rewire a light switch to open a locked door instead of the light. As the game progresses and the player accumulates more money, they can upgrade and improve already existing features such as being able to control more encrypted circuits and even affect the guard’s weapons. At the end of each mission, you are ranked based on how fast you took, the amount of violence you used (whether you knocked some unconscious or you killed them), how many times you were spotted and how much noise you made.

Overall, I found this game to be quite enjoyable. Though the game is rather short, it lives up to the standard though it is considered an indie game. The feature of being able to rewire accessible components in the building to allow you to complete the mission is a plus.

Expect With The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct gives player the liberty to choose what kind of playing style would help them in the game. Players can either choose to deal with the walkers or outrun them. Dealing with walkers in the game can be quite difficult considering that you need to make your way through a horde of walkers using limited weapons and ammo. It’s still up to the players how they will survive in this game, whether it is through brute force or smart thinking.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct lets you take on the role of Daryl Dixon. As Daryl, you can choose whatever weapon you can find to be useful. You can choose from a variety of weapons you can find in the game as long as it keeps you alive. The game will also feature Merle Dixon, Daryl’s brother. There is still no concrete information if he would be a playable character or not, all we know is that he will be making his appearance in the game.

There are also some survivors in the game which makes the game even more challenging. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct allows you to choose whether to help a fellow survivor or leave them. Of course most players will choose saving them rather than leaving them since they might reward you with something special. Do you still think this kind of thinking is still applicable to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct? There’s no guarantee that saving the survivors can help you later on but who knows, they might even help you one way or the other.

Activision might be releasing more information about the game and some other features in the coming weeks. The game is set to be released on March 26 in North America and March 29 in Europe. The game would be available for different gaming platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and the latest addition to the competition, Wii U.

Diablo III

Gold/Item Farming

Farming gold and items is one of the more popular approaches to obtaining gold in Diablo III. With enough magic find/gold find percentage on your gear, you can farm high quality yellow rares and decent amounts of gold.

For good item and gold farming spots, check on YouTube! There are a variety of good farming locations for you to choose from.


  • If you are very lucky player, you can obtain items that can sell for millions on the Auction House
  • When farming gold, you can be sure that you will receive a relatively stable income of (typically) 150k to 400k per hour, depending on the amount of gold find you have on gear


  • Farming this way can become very boring and repetitive
  • No real promise of obtaining great gear – you could farm for 100 hours and obtain no great gear
  • Gold and magic find gear can become expensive, especially if you are trying to get close to maximum percentages on gear pieces.

‘Flipping’ items on the Auction House

In my opinion, this is by far the best method of generating gold for your character in the game. Flipping is a method whereby a player browses the auction house for under-priced items and re-sells these items for a fair price; generating a large profit. When done correctly, a large amount of gold can be generated in the game.


  • The amount of gold one can obtain using this method can be absolutely ridiculous. Some players have reported making profits up to 50 – 80 million gold in one day
  • You don’t have to have a level 60 character on inferno in order to make money. Even a level 1 player can make a profit on the auction house
  • Blizzard nerfs will have little effect on this method.


  • You need to know the ins and outs of the auction house in order to hit the extremely high levels of gold (50 – 80 million per day)
  • Browsing the auction house can become boring over time, not everyone wants to spend their Diablo III experience browsing on the auction house.

Fallout 4 Should Incorporate

  • Improved Aim Down Sight Feature: Fallout 3 ADS wasn’t the greatest. It made shooting outside of V.A.T.S unrealistic. This probably explains why V.A.T.S was just the better option to use, simplifying combat. New Vegas addressed this complaint by allowing the use of true ironsights,making the ADS feature a little more realistic. This wasn’t without sacrifice though. V.A.T.S was weakened by removing the invincible feature. Personally I felt like the aiming feature was a little too stiff. Another neat feature that could be implemented is a lock-on mechanism, possibly sacrificing full attack power in exchange for accuracy. It could serve as a median between regular shooting and V.A.T.S.
  • Smarter NPCs: Face it, your companions are idiots. They carelessly follow you, sometimes jumping right into danger and getting themselves killed. They seem to make up their own commands at times, and are ALWAYS in the line of fire. A revamped NPC A.I would be very useful, and alleviate many headaches. I lost track of how many companions I killed because of their stupidity.
  • NPC Upgrading/Leveling: While they’re at it, maybe give the NPC companions some new features like the ability to upgrade their own weapons, pick up better weapons, or even a skill/perk system. Instead of settling with a certain companions because of their perks and strengths, why not mold your companions to your liking? It would be a much welcomed addition. I could list more features but to beef up the NPCs too much would take too much action away from your character. Now that’s not good, so we can take it slow for now.
  • More Weapon And Armor Customization: The weapon mod feature was one of the best additions from New Vegas. Select weaponry could be modded to gain additional attributes. Unfortunately it wasn’t available for every weapon, and it was nonexistent for armor. If this feature is taken to the next level it could add a whole new depth of customization. Power armor is always pretty cool-looking, but what if you could alter the color? The material? The appearance? The same goes for weapons. The possibilities would be endless. The freedom of this customization would perfectly compliment the freedom of the open-world gameplay.
  • More Factions: The concept of factions was a nice addition in New Vegas. It was an easy way to manage your relations with certain groups, whether it was good or bad. By increasing the amount of groups and how they interact, the faction system becomes more complex and in-depth. Plus it is always nice to have a wider degree of choices. More factions also equals more sidequests, and that equals more gameplay.

Violent Video Games on Children

Violent scripts are addictive for they make children spend most of their time playing them so that they can improve their skills. This addiction increases learning because of repetitive practice. Therefore, children in school tend to manipulate others aggressively as a way of practicing what they have been playing. The aggressive videos place the participant in the position of the aggressor thus rewarding him the behavior of being violent. They also permit the player to rehearse the whole behavioral script from aggravation to selecting a violent declaration of conflict.

Most psychologists believe that children gain behavior from coping what others are doing. They argue that kids learn by mimicking, observing and adopting behavior. Exposure to video games may with time make children numb emotionally, make them have sleepless nights and nightmares, have a negative effect on their school performance and make them aggressive. This also applies to playing violent video games. Children tend to put themselves in the feet of the aggressor in the video games making them aggressive in real life situation. Moreover, infants who view a lot of violent scripts have a higher possibility of being violent as a way of solving conflicts. This is because they take an assumption that brutal acts are acceptable behavior.

Violent video playoffs put a perception that the entire world is violent. Therefore, children playing aggressive video playoffs increase fear of being a victim of violence. In that case, they become aggressive for self protection. They also increase the belief of mistrust in others. This makes it impossible for them to interact with other children in an effective way. It is therefore very crucial for parents to monitor their children behavior and the activities they may be engaging in. It is also important for parents to encourage social interaction among children to facilitate learning which is essential during childhood. Adults should set good examples to children by avoiding watching violent video games in presence of children.