The game is simple yet filled with rich content and addictive gameplay that can be played over and over again without becoming stale. The game sports the most advanced technology and the graphics are superb. But the disadvantage is that it costs a heck of a lot of money.

You navigate a vast arena of forests, seas, mines, castles and the like to fight off marauding savages. Halfway through the game you may start wondering why no one ever mentions the name Spyro. The hero is referred to as Skylander and he never speaks a word. The game is wrought with action and if played in co-op can even be more fun. Adults and older children can play the game too and have loads of unending fun. As the game progresses so does the difficulty level, making it a challenge for all ages. The storyline is nothing fantastic and is about a hero saving the world from evil.

Patrick Warburton, Richard Steven Horvitz, and others do very well in the voice acting and make the game entertaining. Many parents may be reluctant to spend the kind of money the developers are asking, but if you want to spoil your young child, and why not, get them the game and stop being so stingy. Besides, there is so much money in the western world today that we don’t know what to do with it. Why else would we go to war on a whim? Once you play the game you will be so fired up that puzzles could dominate your future for a long time.

The game can be completed successfully in a very short time and all its objectives can be achieved, giving you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. There are plenty of challenges and as long as you have a Skylander you don’t need to start all over again if you die.

You can collect bonus points and power ups to make your character more powerful. You don’t need to collect them all, but if you do, the game could last for days. Considering that the game costs around $70 you would expect it to never end, but like all good things the day will come when you finish it. You can buy additional characters and levels if you want, pushing the price up even higher. The good thing is that it’s not necessary to buy all the characters available, but rather choose the ones you like. You can also swap with your friends.

The figures can be used in future games so it may not be a waste once the game is finally put to rest. The game is pretty much solid, and has very few faults. If you do lay out that kind of money it may be well worth it. The developer says the characters can be used cross platform and that is another reason why it doesn’t come cheap.