In the base game of Battlefield 3, players take on the role of elite Marines troops. Right when you touchdown, the action proceeds at a frenzied pace with no let up in sight. As you traverse through various locations such as New York, Paris, and Tehran, you only have moments of tension-filled respite before your surroundings erupt in fierce warfare. Scores of bullets zip past, walls literally explode into fragments, and you will likely hit the dirt several times with the numerous explosions that come your way. At times, the action seems too intense to be believed, but all this merely adds to the pulse pounding thrill that is Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 offers a lot more than just all-out action-although there is definitely plenty of that to be had. A notable departure from now-classic games such as Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 gives players the option to choose specific roles and engage opponents in a more varied and sophisticated manner than the average shoot ’em up. While you can certainly have loads of fun just blasting everything in sight and upping your kill/death ratio, you definitely won’t be missing out on the action even if you die repeatedly as a tank commander or tank technician.

As impressive as Battlefield 3 is, the upcoming DLC Armored Kill should raise the excitement level to epic proportions. If you have been disappointed by the lack of vehicular action in Close Quarters, Armored Kill should have exactly what you are looking for. With loads of new tanks, ATVs, and a host of other military vehicles, Armored Kill also features some of the biggest and most challenging maps in the gaming world. Here is a list of some of Armored Kill’s more exciting new features.

  • High-intensity vehicular warfare
  • Four new maps
  • The biggest map in the battlefield series
  • Plenty of new vehicles and mobile artillery
  • Ability to unlock five new vehicle and use them in the base game
  • Tank Superiority mode

Armored Kill is scheduled for release, and will be available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Focused primarily on vehicular combat, Armored Kill adds a much welcome component to the high-intensity gaming action of Battlefield 3. The inclusion of various new vehicles, including all-new tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery pumps up the action to serious levels, and each of these new additions is perfectly suited to take advantage of the game’s new maps.

Speaking of maps, Armored Kill includes no less than four new maps, along with a new game mode, and several unlock opportunities. While the number of new maps may seem on the sparse side, Armored Kill will feature what is supposedly the biggest map in the Battlefield 3 universe. With the vastness of the new maps, you definitely won’t feel like you are missing out on any action.

The impressiveness of the new maps notwithstanding, the new vehicles definitely steal the show in Armored Kill. Designed from the ground up for the unique challenges of the new, larger maps, the new vehicles in Armored Kill are capable of stunning new features and functionalities previously unavailable in previous versions of Battlefield 3. Of particular interest are the new tank destroyers that pack on the firepower and zip through at remarkable speed. Although a bit sparse on armor, these tanks are perfectly suited for rushing deep into enemy territory, giving you serious firepower where it will count the most, and allowing you to control specific areas much quicker.