On the surface, it’s a nice looking game, all bright colors, the different birds all have distinct appearances. There’s a few different backgrounds that are well detailed and yet don’t distract the eye. The sounds are crisp and fun, instilling a calming atmosphere, even after hours of playing. Bubble Birds 2.0 is a very well presented game.

Gameplay is very simple, tap where you want your bird to go and that’s it. Just group 3 or more of any color together to eliminate them from the play field. Getting successive matches increases the points you score and there are a variety of special birds to both help and hinder you. The rainbow bird for example becomes the color it lands on and the blackbird throws a spanner in the works by becoming a random color, but never the color it lands on. Something I found quite by accident, you can change the flight of your bird after its released and that comes in handy at times, allowing you to shoot around corners and make matches when you otherwise shouldn’t be able to. The screen moves down slowly, perhaps too slowly, I never felt pressured and the level ends when you match your way to the top and hit the key with a bird.

Unfortunately, despite all these positives, Bubble Birds 2.0 was not a very fulfilling experience. There’s a number of reasons for this but the main problem comes down to the game being far too easy. The play field moves down too slowly and the birds are a little too big. Compared to similar titles, where you might find 15-20 bubbles/items from left to right, here there is only 9-10. Despite being a premium title, you’ll still notice an advertising box at the bottom of the screen. You can collect coins from the levels and buy an ad-free mode but you’d probably much rather buy yourself the power ups to help boost your score. There is no story, the only motivation to keep going is to post a high score.

Bubble Birds 2.0 has a lot of bugs as well, app stability is poor, crashes are common and when it does occur, you lose progress. Sometimes as much as 3 levels. Replaying levels is a frustrating experience. On top of this, it’s currently impossible to finish. On completing the final stage the app immediately crashes and since your score can only be recorded on completion of all 52 stages, this is a huge problem. If for any reason you need to pause the game, you’ll lose any points accumulated on that stage thus far. I tried this on iPhone as well, it’s a universal app, and I was hoping to actually finish the final stage on a different device. Unfortunately, the phone version suffered from even more bugs, the birds are so big that they cover each other up and visibility is almost nonexistent and you’re unable to see the color of your next bird.

Bubble Birds 2.0 has the look of a great game but lacks any depth, with a few minor additions it could be a good title but the bugs are a real deterrent. Not being able to finish the game is a serious problem. Game Center is enabled but there are no achievements which I think is a huge oversight, this could have made up for some of the shortcomings. The relaxed gameplay could be good if there was a storyline to back it up, it’s far too easy though. As a five minute time killer, it’s not bad but the developer needs to give this title some serious attention. 2 stars is all I can give it, there’s just too many oversights.