Well then, let’s start with the introductions. After the first game, War is somehow captured and imprisoned for the actions he did. Death, the protagonist for Darksiders 2, does not believe that his brother could do such things as he considered him an honorable Horseman of the Apocalypse. Well, I’d consider War honorable for all the beating he did during the first game. LOL. In any case, the time period isn’t very different from War’s but there is little to no narrative in this game. That works for me, since I am not exactly keen with games that has long storylines and dialogues.

Now with the original Darksiders, the atmosphere is cloudy, dark, and depressing with hordes of enemies dressed in chunks of armor and armed to the teeth with blades, axes, swords and other varieties of weapons to match. With Darksiders 2, it gets even better; the skies become more ominous, there’s thunderstorms almost everywhere and there are particular levels where you walk on a fragile bridge with loads of molten hot lava underneath! Even the buildings and spires look so terrifying as you help Death accomplish his mission.

One of the fun things I noticed in Darksiders 2 are the side characters. Some of them are really well-made. While they don’t have long dialogues, most of these undead behemoths and demon rulers talk without any humor while Death answers with either a death glare or a hiss, which is supposedly what it’s meant to be. It is a set during the entire Biblical Apocalypse thing, so you can’t expect comedians to exist during a dreary time like this, right?

When you start playing, you are introduced to the combat system and how you gain money and upgrades through items you get from the enemies you slay in battle. Coins, weapons, and armor are just some of the stuff you get from monsters and, as standard rules apply, higher level monsters mean higher level items. Oh, you get a primary weapon and a secondary weapon as well, and there’s a customisation setup for rare possessed weapons, so if you find yourself playing or exploring dungeons, be on the lookout for these items.

The only downside that I’ve seen with Darksiders 2 are the bosses. Some are ridiculously easy to beat while some are just lame. In any case, it’s still a fun game to play. For PC players though, make sure that your computer has good specs already; otherwise, you won’t be able to appreciate Darksiders 2 as a whole!