At the beginning of each level, you are given a select number of SWAT troopers, each equipped with their own set of equipment, and a greyed out level showing that you do not have any prior knowledge on where the terrorists or hostages would be. So far, there is only two types of troopers where one is equipped with a customized 1911 pistol and the other equipped with a M4 style carbine and a pistol. Each trooper can carry a limited amount of flashbangs which can temporarily stun the enemy so you can have the upper hand. Before starting each level, you have to analyse the situation, plan each trooper’s route and execute the plan. You can stick with on the fly improvisation or planned routes to complete the level. There are a variety of levels in the game and each one can be completed in minutes but perfect planning is needed to get the mission complete without making any wrong moves.

The game in its alpha stage is available on Windows, Mac and Linux with handhelds being developed later on. So far, there is only a single player component by multiplayer might come later. Currently, you can get the demo on their website at All the missions can be played in a variety of ways so the choice is up to you. I find the game to be well developed even at the alpha stage with very few bugs. Though there are some things that hinder the game a bit such as the way you control each trooper, the game is easy to play and can provide quite a bit of hours spent. Now, how quick and how flawlessly can you execute your plans to kill the terrorists and save the hostages?