The Master Chief is back to battle an ancient malevolent force bent on destroying the world. Much of the story takes place on a mysterious world and involves new enemies with horrific technology. The start of the game is approximately five years after Halo 3.

If you want to play, you will find that there is no end to the fun you can have. Immerse yourself into the world and extend your playing experience by participating in new missions and scenarios. You can play solo or join up with up to three friends at a time for a multi-player experience. The center of the multi-player experience is in a large starship called the UNSC Infinity.

The war games are especially fun. You can battle enemies in new, immersive modes. The multi-player modes feature an expanded suite of weapons, armor, vehicles, and other items to choose from.

The game has no shortage of challenges. In addition to war games challenges, there are also Spartan ops challenges and Campaign challenges. The Spartan ops challenges involve killing a certain number of monsters such as Crawlers and Knights, and receiving extra experience points in return.

All of the graphics in Halo 4 are superb. Everything from the audio to the 3D animation is superior to anything most other games offer. The world is one that you can really immerse yourself in. The graphics are as realistic as gaming technology will allow.

There is something that appeals to every type of gamer. There is enough solo-able content available for those who don’t have any friends to play with. Those who enjoy the social aspects of gaming will find that this game is not lacking when it comes to multi-player content.

Even if you’re not typically into first person shooters, you’ll still find the world itself to be vast and interesting.

For players who are always hungry for achievements and challenges, there is always something to do. There are DLC and mission-based achievements, such as making it through a mission without any soldier in your party dying.

With an amazing world, fun gameplay, content for solo players and team players both, it’s no surprise that Halo 4 is a top-selling game. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re really missing out on a lot of fun.

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