This game has many great things to offer. The monsters (unfortunately named “Nummies”) are adorable, and all the graphics are cute and sharp. You start off exploring the woods, gathering resources. This is done through a variety of swiping and tapping gestures, depending on what resource you are trying to gather.
You return to the town where you can build shops to sell these resources for gold. Gold is used to upgrade a variety of things, such as your population size limit. Both gold and the various resources are used for the other key mechanic- monster collecting.

As you explore, you come across Nummies in the wild. Many of them will offer you a “quest.” If you can meet their conditions in five minutes, they will join your population. Their conditions include giving them a certain number of gold, resources, or even controlling a specific Nummi to complete the mission. They have a rarity indicator too, and the more rare the Nummi, the higher the requirements.

So this idea of collecting monsters and harvesting and selling resources is a great start, but unfortunately that is where the game ends. There is no “Pokedex” or list to check off the different ones you’ve captured. There is very little interaction with the Nummies, and the village offers very little to do. This could be fine, as the gathering itself involves a lot of time and effort. However, this type of game is best experienced in short bursts (think “Tiny Tower” and how you could restock your shops in a minute or two). This game, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of time to harvest the material, and then very little to do after that.

Basically, it is too limited in complexity to sit down and play, but it takes so much time to restock your shop that it can’t be done as you walk to the bus stop. It has a handful of other challenges as well. The menus are very confusing, and I had no clue what I was trying to do when I accepted my first quest. Also the gestures require some swiping motions that wore my hand out pretty quickly.

Now, the developers, Little Hero Games, are aware of these last two issues, and assure me that they will be corrected in an upcoming update. This is the first game released by this studio, and it definitely displays a lot of promise. The graphics are great, the controls are responsive, and the ideas are unique. I look forward to seeing what’s next from this studio.