Now Horizon Riders have appeared on the horizon and have taken our breath away with its marvelous quality and superb graphics and gameplay. Horizon Riders and the previous two games have reminded us how powerful the Wii platform is.

In Horizon Riders you play the role of a mercenary battling armies of marauding robots bent on destroying the human race. The angle of the camera is always behind you and the game takes place on-rails. The Wii remote is a perfect and brilliant choice of controls that responds like a limb attached to your own body. You can pick off your targets with exceptional accuracy and the action is devastating. The Wii balance board also plays a major role here and is probably the best choice. You stand on a hover board and can shift your weight from left to right and dodge enemy fire and other obstacles coming your way. The game is marvelous and will pump you full of adrenaline to continue from one level to the next.

You can also use the Wii remote to shift your weight if you don’t have a balance board. You can twist your wrist in all directions to figure out the best maneuvers, but the balance board is still your best option. If you have a Nunchuk try using the stick to toggle through your weapons and the buttons to fire. The Nunchuk may not be ideal, but it does provide some variation and support you won’t get with the Wii remote. Regardless of which control scheme you use, the game is pretty much solid, with lots of interesting twists to keep you guessing from start to finish.

The graphics and scenes are so realistic and lifelike and the colors stupendous. Simply watching someone else play will give you a high. Playing the game yourself is even more exciting. When you’re playing the game, you will realize that Horizon Riders is truly a gem and we can look forward to much more exciting releases from Wii Ware before Christmas.