The main city screen for this game has buildings scattered about, divided by blocks. You can build and recruit gang members in order to launch strikes and claim these buildings for your own! With a city hall and it’s upgrade, you can then move buildings around for a more strategic setup, or take over abandoned buildings to increase the fog of war in your city, discovering more buildings to take and hold!

This game features 3 main resources, muscle, which is used to recruit your gang member units. Coins is used in the upgrading of buildings, defenses, and upgrading your avatar with stronger clothing and weaponry! Finally, product is used in the construction upgrades of buildings and buying defenses for your city! There are several building types in this game, and resource buildings give you a set amount of a certain type, such as sweatshops giving you product, and gyms giving muscle. Other special buildings are needed as well, such as storage buildings, which increase the amount of all 3 resources you can store at one time, prison yard to recruit units, housing to store said gang members, gun ranges and gang member buildings to upgrade your units to higher levels and become stronger!

Influence is another special resource, which is only gained from friends and gifts sent from them, or by visiting their cities and upgrading them. Influence can be used to store troops at subways, or speed up production of most objects and repairs if your city has been hit.

Your avatar is your own special unit you can send off into battle to help fight with your units on invasions and defense, and buying him new clothing and guns will increase his power and defense! Stamina is the only resource used by the avatar and will recharge over time, but the more powerful he becomes, the more stamina he uses for each deployment. Your avatar can also carry special tools and grenades he can use in combat to deal damage to units and buildings, or heal him and his team, and other special uses.

Combat in this game has somewhat of an Real time strategy (RTS) element in it, which you can deploy units on the outside of the enemy city’s borders. Each unit has their own preference for building types and act on their own, but you can pick their spawn location and you personally control your avatar if you deploy him into battle. Destroying buildings will let you steal resources from them, and obliterating enemy bases is usually the main goal, but taking a nice haul from rivals isn’t a bad idea as well!

As you upgrade buildings to a point, you will sometimes need to ask your friends to help upgrade them fully into the next level. This is especially true with special buildings like storage, gang houses, and housing. This game will require some active friends in order to get the most out of the game!

My only complaint about the game, is it seems to rely on micro-transactions to get the most out of the game, such as having 3 construction workers to build 3 buildings at once. Since this is a competitive game, one can see where some people can get into a “pay to win” strategy, but thankfully its not as bad as some other games on the market which feature competitive play.