The first thing you should look for is whether or not the guide provides you with unique strategies and tips. If the guide only contains strategies that are available in all of the other guides that are out there then you should probably keep searching because like with any other first person shooter game, the secrets quickly become outdated as everyone learns about them which renders them pretty much useless. You need to find a guide that is created by someone who understands this and is dedicated to the game. People who are dedicated to providing excellent strategies and tips for the game usually play the game everyday and are always discovering new things that improve their game. This leads to a guide that is constantly updated and provides you with fresh, working techniques that you can be sure will work.

Another thing you should be looking for is a guide that not only provides you with written strategies, but also with HD videos showing you exactly how to perform the techniques described in the written guide. This is crucial actually because it demonstrates first hand that the tactics actually work. There is no better way to learn then to see someone actually perform what they are describing first hand. Another great thing about having a video guide for Modern Warfare 3 is that you can pick up on all of the little things that the pro player does such as the best places to take cover as well as teamwork strategies that really help you to increase your kill/death ratio.

Finally, look for a guide that offers you a class and weapon building guide along with the videos. This is by far the most important factor. You need to understand the proper way to build these things if you want to become successful in MW3. No amount of videos or books will help you if you do not understand how to properly build your class and you will suffer the consequences for it. Using and playing your selected class properly is the key ingredient to becoming a pro Modern Warfare 3 player. Have you ever wondered how those guys who own on every map do it? Well it’s because they have discovered and combined the things that I have discussed in this article.