Far Cry 3 Game

On your journey, as main protagonist Jason Brody, your main objective is to rescue your other rich friends from a psychotic pirate named Vaas. Vaas, by the way, is one of the most engrossing antagonists I’ve come across in a game. He pretty much steals the show, just as the Joker has done in the Batman Arkham games. In time, this journey turns into much, much more; and almost spiritual path of reckoning. Upon investigating portions of the island, Jason comes across the Rakyat tribe, who offer Jason guidance. Through various trials and accomplishments, you can level up on your journey by acquiring tattoos… thereby becoming a true hunter.

In essence, the meat of Far Cry 3 is liberating enemy outposts. By defeating all enemies in these areas, they are turned into safe zones allowing you to upgrade, fill up on ammo, acquire side missions, etc. Outposts can begin fairly easy… see bad guy and shoot. Later, however, stealth can be key. It is imperative to locate an outposts alarm system and deactivate it; otherwise, the enemies will sound the alarm calling in for reinforcements and ruining your day. Or, you could shoot a tiger cage, thereby

Hey Ice King!

If you are a fan of old school Nintendo games, then right off the bat, you may get a feeling of retro déjà vu. The game play is very similar to Zelda II, with an overworld map, and side scrolling dungeon areas sprinkled all around the Land of Ooo.

The levels themselves are pretty standard (scary woods and ice castles), but feature a wide variety of enemies, from mind-controlling worms to sentient signposts. Most enemies are easy enough to handle on their own, but a few of them pack a wallop. So stock up on pancakes and milkshakes or things might get a bit tough for you.

One of the best parts of this game is the story. Fans of Adventure Time will be glad to know that it was written by the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, so the story is solid. You play as Finn the Human as you (if the title didn’t give you a hint) try to uncover just why exactly the Ice King has stolen your garbage.

The game itself is a great bit of nostalgic side scrolling hack’n’slash, with beautifully rendered graphics that perfectly follow the feel of the show.

Gears of War

During your play through, you’ll encounter Declassified objectives. These are optional choices you’ll be deciding between that will make the missions even harder. The extra objectives are challenging but never impossible. In fact, I suggest doing all of them to make the game just a tad bit more exciting. For instance, I had to use only pistols during one of the game’s more difficult sequences. Another one blasts you with a sandstorm. They’re fun, and unpredictable to say the least.

This game also has a significant bad guy but he’s woefully underused. A big bad locust that continually pops up to bug Kilo squad- you have to ask yourself why this guy is so special. Not to spoil anything but the ending in Judgement feels completely underwhelming.

Once you finish the eight hour single-player experience, you’ll have access to another short series of missions called “Aftermath” that take place during the Gears of War 3 story line. It’s pretty cool to see just where Baird and Cole went when Marcus and Dom were engaging other locusts around the planet. The character skins actually look different than in Judgment because “Aftermath” takes place in the bleak future. It was a nice touch and

Earn Money From Games

First of all, there are different types of beta testers. A video game today comprises numerous sections, and although there is obviously a form of general testing tasks, most of the work is related with the specifics of the game.

For example, content testers are responsible for reviewing texts, dialogues and even signs that may appear in the game. The role performed is similar to what a spell checker does and of course it requires language proficiency.

There are other types of beta testers also known as “fans”, who work from home and communicate via internet. Basically they receive the game and then they send a report of all errors they encounter as they play.

The third type of beta testers is the professional ones, whose full time role is to test video games. Their job does not differ much from a normal software tester and is mainly focused on running tests related to performance, usability and reliability.

They usually focus on a specific part of the video game and try to force situations that lead to possible programming errors. Some of them are obvious such as graphical errors or AI glitches but there

Borderlands 2

The first borderlands game was an excellent first person shooter/role-playing game loot fest, taking concepts from game franchises like Diablo, with it’s RPG stat setups and the joy of finding bigger, badder items along your journey, and mixing it in with a first person shooter created a surprise hit for gearbox, gaining a large following. The sequel to Borderlands offers more of the same, with some serious improvements across the board, making it a prime example of how a sequel should be composed, taking the formula that makes it good, but improving upon it, rather than removing things that makes it work.

Borderlands 2 Story is about the adventurers of a new set of vault hunters hunting down and destroying the tyrannical president of Hyperion, Handsome Jack, who is controlling Pandora with an iron fist, with a megalomaniac, egotistical mindset, making this guy someone you will hate rather quickly. With the assistance of the previous vault hunters, the story proceeds much better and offers you much more insight than the previous game, which had very little in the way of story and narrative. Borderlands 2’s story offers much more narrative, cutscenes, and the Echo recorders scattered about

Info of Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 picks up a couple of years after the second game, with protagonist Isaac Clark having settled into a reclusive life trying to avoid the monster-causing Markers littering the galaxy. But, of course, it wouldn’t be much of a game if Isaac was able to keep laying low. Instead, we get to see Isaac and the survivors of a doomed expedition to the ice planet Tau Volantis face off against Unitologist (Marker-worshipping) soldiers, reanimated 200-year-old corpses, giant Necromorph beasts, and more. Along the way, bonds are tested, tables are turned, and secrets are revealed, just as in any engaging story.

Visually, the graphics haven’t evolved a whole lot since the last entry. In terms of console life, both the 360 and the PlayStation 3 are coming up on retirement (maybe sooner rather than later), and so there probably isn’t a lot left to eke out of these two machines. But, that’s not to say that the game’s swirling snowstorms, zero-gravity space levels, and monster-infested hallways and corridors don’t look impressive. The series has always had a high level of polish, and that aspect remains.

One of the big changes to the franchise is the ability

Dark Souls Video Game

Dark Souls, like Demon’s Souls, leaves you in a world without much to go on, except for the assistance (or hindrance) of player set messages left on the ground to guide you. Demon’s Souls had a great and unique multiplayer in which you can see the ghostly images of other players running about in their own worlds, to give you a sense of you are not the only one left, and Dark Souls follows that tradition.

Other Multiplayer features are invasions (other players attacking you), Kindling fires (which gives one more extra flask from others who kindle their own fires close in the network. You can also lay down summoning signs to assist others in their world as a phantom, or activate their own signs to summon up to 2 other phantoms to assist you in your fight for the current area.

A big difference from Demon’s Souls, is instead of the World/Player system, is the use of 9 covenants, which offer different gameplay styles. Some Covenants are PvP (Player vs Player) base, Some are Co-operative gameplay, and each Covenant is unique in their own way and different rewards. However, betraying your covenant can lead to

Action With Sports Games

One of the earliest video games, Pong, was in fact a simulation of the game table tennis. Other classic arcade games featured basketball, baseball, hockey and even racing. While these have little resemblance to the sophisticated action games of today, they started a trend that has continued to this day. Sports games are one of the most popular categories of video game and the category continues to evolve as technology improved.

The modern era of graphically advanced action games began in the early 1990s. John Madden Football for the Sega Genesis console is arguably one of the most influential of early sporting simulations. The same decade also saw the advent of 3D graphics for gaming consoles and PCs. By the end of the decade, extreme sports were becoming increasingly popular and began to appear in the context of electronic entertainment.

After the turn of the millennium, it became common for major league teams to endorse games. Many featured real-world teams and even characters based on popular players. New types of input controllers such as the Wii made for even more realistic experiences. Today, this category of game continues to thrive and the software itself becomes more

Info of Motor Toon Grand Prix

Eventually, Sony listened to non-Japanese PlayStation fans and released a title called Motor Toon Grand Prix in the United States for the PlayStation. As it turns out, this wasn’t actually the original game and was, in fact, the second in the series, known in Japan as Motor Toon Grand Prix 2, just repackaged for the U.S. market. Even though this wasn’t exactly the game that American gamers had been hoping for, it was so much like the first game that they were still quite happy with it. The game was extremely popular and got high praise from fans and critics alike, who compared the racing game’s setting and tracks to scenes out of Toon Town, the fictional city for cartoon characters in Disney’s movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It was as visually appealing as it was fun to play.

The game remained popular among PSOne fans, and although there was high demand for it, Sony curiously left the title out when they began their PSOne Classics brand, which sold re-releases of popular games for the original PlayStation console. But finally, after the creation of the online PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 console, Sony decided to re-release the American version of Motor Toon Grand

Lost Winds 2

The first thing I noticed about Lost Winds 2 were the amazing visuals, characters are well defined with smooth animations, there are no overlapping pixels and backgrounds are elegant and vibrant. Interactive elements are clear and there’s clear distinction between background and play field. The music is an enchanting melody so relaxing that you don’t really realize its there until you turn the sound off, it’s incredibly immersive and I think it adds to the addictive nature of the gameplay.

Game controls are brilliantly simple, a lot of thought has gone into utilizing the touch screen. The default movement settings are tap movements, tapping on a position will make you move there and holding for a second will make you walk that way until you stop yourself or reach an obstacle that is too high to climb normally. Alternatively, you can visit the options and switch to a virtual d-pad, you can also position it too your taste. Personally, I found the tap settings far superior mainly because it allows you to play one handed and I’m a lazy gamer at heart. A quick swipe creates a wind gust which you can use to jump and push