Portal 2, just like the first Portal game, features the widely known portal gun. The portal gun allows the player to create a pair of linking portals in order to progress through the game and move from one place to the next, which is the core of the puzzle solving. Players can navigate from one location to the next by simply placing one end of the portal wherever they want, and then shooting the other end to where they want to be.

This game includes more rewards, more characters, a more substantial story, and bigger challenges. Portal 2 greatly improves in the very few things that the first Portal game may have been lacking, or of course, been improved on. Add this to the comedy and great voice acting included in the game and you’ve got one pretty awesome game which no one should miss out on.

Portal 2 is intended and made for everyone to play. It’s just a great video game and it provides an equally great experience. Both casual and hardcore gamers alike will truly enjoy this somewhat brief, yet memorable adventure which doesn’t quite end when you finish the game. There is also a two player cooperative mode which you can play with your friends. Both players are equipped with portal guns, giving you the extended ability to have a total of four portals deployed at once, widening the creativity which you can accomplish with this game. Each player is designed to be highly dependent on their partner, which means that both players will have to be constantly communicating back and forth and exchanging ideas on how to conquer mind boggling puzzles.

Portal 2 is an incredibly unique puzzle game like no other (except maybe for the first Portal game). It is greatly recommended by everyone, for everyone. It is just one of those games that every game HAS to play in order to truly understand what all of the “hype” is about.