When it comes to the visuals the cars in the game look pretty good but the background isn’t that sharp, on the plus side the games frame rate is both fast and smooth and doesn’t display any noticeable slow down during the main races.

It probably isn’t fair to compare the game to the versions found on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as the Wii is quite different, during the games intro sequence you’ll discover that your character is a racer known as Matt who comes across a mysterious woman.

The woman who remains nameless during the initial cut scene wants you to take part in a race known as The Run, The Run is a race from coast to coast and on the Wii You’ll take part in 26 different races before crossing the final finishing line.

If you’ve ever played Burnout or Need For Speed Hot Pursuit then you’ll be on familiar territory, while parts of The Run involve straightforward races in others you’ll need to smash a set number of opponents off the road.

The game is far from being a driving simulator and it’s not meant to be as you’re able to pull off extreme power slides, features such as the hand brake and nitrous oxide add to the fun and it doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of the controls.

Another feature that’s been added to the game are the heroic manoeuvres and these can take a little practice, you’ll use the heroic manoeuvres to dodge traffic, to dodge falling rocks and also to make insane jumps.

At times the heroic manoeuvres can feel a little tacked on especially then you’re using them to dodge objects, other manoeuvres are done with the D pad on the remote and you have enter a specific sequence of button presses to carry them out.

The Wii is to date the most successful console to include motion controls but sometimes they’re not needed, although there are exceptions the motion controls aren’t always ideal for driving games and thankfully EA are well aware.

You can control the game with either a classic controller or you can use your Wii Remote and nunchuk, motion controls can be fun but in this case you can sit back on your sofa without bothering to point your remote towards your TV.