Please refer to your Skyrim Walkthrough Guide for pertinent information. Since the sword is two-handed, you can’t use a shield therefore rendering your shield perks useless. Rather than wasting those perks think about which weapons you want to use (Two-Handed, One- Handed, Archery) and which armor type you desire to wear (Heavy Armor, Light Armor). This is crucial in the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A Skyrim Walthrough Guide will help you understand even further. Thieves Guild equipment is light Armor while Daedric Armor is a heavy Armor. Choosing light armor from the start would allow you to be proficient in Thieves Guild equipment if you desired to pursue a life of thievery. If you desire it would be wise to pick a race that supports the skills you will use the most. For instance, you like using the bow. The three classes that offer a starting bonus in Archery are the Bosmer, Khajit, and Redguard. (refer to a Skyrim Walkthrough Guide) The only thing that you also want to use is powerful destruction spells. Fitting the qualifications you have set, the Redguard would provide a substantial bonus for both skills. Planning your character from the start will greatly improve his/her strengths being that there is a limited number of perks (there is not enough perks for each perk slot). PREPARATION IS KEY and having a Skyrim Wwalkthrough Guide will give you further understanding.

From the start of the game your character begins leveling each and every skill that you use. Rather than blindly playing the game and completing the main quest line, why don’t you multi task and Level your skills at an increased rate? The first three standing stones you will find will increase the rate of experience you gain. You may only choose one but a 20% increase to your magic, stealth, or combat skills will be applied. This way an hour of random dungeon plundering will level you up 20% faster than normal! And even yet you can sleep in a rented bed and receive the “well-rested” bonus, granting a 10% increase to ALL skill leveling. That’s an overall 30% increase. So don’t waste hours trying to progress your character. Instead, think ahead and level up twice as fast and find you an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Guide that will benefit your game progress and further your education. Note, the more you know the better you will be.