Level 15

  • Celerity – Allows you to Roll and Chi Torpedo more often, increases your maximum number of charges by one and reduces the cooldown by five seconds. While Chi Torpedo is L90, roll is L5 and it looks like a nice way of getting out of harm’s way and chasing down a target. Being able to do it more often is great, but I wonder if its movement speed is affected by movement slows? I can see myself rolling a lot in PVP, but that’s also where you’re most likely to have a slow placed on you. So depending on the distance and speed, this could be very nice, or merely average.
  • Tiger’s Lust – Instantly clears the target of any movement impairing effects and increases movement speed by 70% for six seconds. As a means of dropping snares this is very nice for PVP, but it’s on a 30 second cooldown. Combined with a trinket this could be a life-saver, not to mention it says ‘target’, the implication being you can use it on others? If so, this adds immensely to its usefulness.
  • Momentum – Every time you Roll or Chi Torpedo, your movement speed is increased by 25% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to two times. I like this talent, I like it a lot. With all the rolling I intend to do in and out of combat, I can see double-rolling being used very often and a 50% speed increase will be a great boon in chasing down other players in PVP. However, the issue of being slowed by players again raises its head. In a BG where you’re less likely to be focused and can use it to run away (with a flag) or ambush people, it seems great, but in an arena when you’re being focused? Perhaps not as good. I also forsee using this ability when running between goals in PVE, and cutting some time out before getting a mount or just between mobs in semi-close proximity. I very well may take this to begin with.

Level 30

  • Chi Wave – A damaging or healing wave that bounces around five targets within 20 yards that gives preferential treatment to more injured allies. This is only on an eight second cooldown and could be nice boon to healing or damage if you like to fight groups of mobs or players. In dungeons this might be very nice due to the propensity to multi-pull and in some battlegrounds where everyone just dog-piles onto one another. I can see this being useful in all three specs, but if you prefer to fight mobs one-on-one, then maybe this isn’t for you.
  • Zen Sphere – This ability creates a sphere above the target that heals them every 2 seconds and puts a small DoT on one target within 10 yards. If you cast it again while it’s active, it detonates, causing a one-time heal to hit everyone nearby and a one-time nuke of sorts to damage enemies. This has no cooldown, but requires two chi per cast, so it would cost four to detonate, which I feel is the best part of this ability if you’re not the Mistweaver spec. It could be useful, likeChi Wave, against groups of enemies in both PVE and PVP, and as a back-up HoT if you choose not to detonate it. Its different uses are situational, but I’d only be inclined to pick it were I the healer.
  • Chi Burst – This talent summons a wave that does decent damage to any foes caught in its path and heals any allies caught. It’s got no cooldown, but has a one second cast, so it’s open to interrupts and requires two chi to use. Still, against a groups of enemies I really like this talent for burst damage and in a pinch it will make for a good little group heal. At this level I think this will be my first choice.

Level 45

  • Power Strikes – Your jab generates an extra chi once every 20 seconds and if you have full chi then you get a chi sphere. Chi is very important for both healing and DPS burst, so being able to get chi more quickly is good in all combat situations. This has nice synergy with all the previous two chi abilities from L30, so you could jab with no chi, get two, then use the AOE ability. This seems like a nice DPS talent.
  • Ascension – Increases the maximum amount of chi you can get by one. This is helpful if you want to set up bursts of damage or healing more easily by saving up your chi then striking at the right moment. It’s less flashy than the other talents, but has a lot of utility.
  • Chi Brew – Instantly restores all of your chi. Like the previous talent this is nice for setting up bursts where you deplete your chi then max it out to deplete it again for good damage or healing. Like all of these talents, it improves overall chi generation, but is better for burst than Ascension, which is good for setting something up. Power Strikes is good for more sustained chi generation and since I lean toward DPS, I would probably pick Power Strikes at first.

Level 60

  • Deadly Reach – This gives your melee range incapacitate a 40 yard range. This could be used as good ranged CC or to fix a target in PVP before you get too close. It might also provoke an early trinket so my feeling is, its best use is in soloing if you get adds, and in PVP, especially arenas.
  • Charging Ox Wave – This creates a 30 yard wave that stuns anyone it hits for three seconds. It’s on a one minute cooldown, but could be very helpful in a BG to help a flag carrier escape or before rushing in with your AOEs. It might save a group in a pinch during a dungeon, but my feeling is it’s best used in PVP. It’s also a nice interrupt to go with a monk’s other interrupt and it’s never a bad thing to have two–especially one with such range.
  • Leg Sweep – You knock down all enemies within five yards and stun them for five seconds. I think this stun has more uses than the previous one simply because you’ll frequently find yourself surrounded in both PVP and PVE. It’s also five seconds instead of only three, and it’s on a 25 second cooldown. Again, it’s another interrupt but with its longer stun, you could more easily take advantage of it to deal damage or flee. For me this is the best talent of this block, especially in PVP and dungeons. Unless this is nerfed, I can’t see past this right now.

Level 75

  • Healing Elixirs – Every time you use a brew or tea you’re healed for 10% of your health; this can only occur once every 15 seconds. This strikes me as a good survival talent, so is probably best for Brewmasters and Mistweavers. Having said that, Windwalkers could use more survival now and then, and this could definitely provide some good self-healing in a difficult fight.
  • Dampen Harm – This halves the damage of the next three attacks within the next 45 seconds if they would hit you for greater than 10% of your health. It’s on a 90 second cooldown and looks very much like a Brewmaster talent to me, although any of the specs could use something like this in the face of burst damage. It could save your life at just the right moment.
  • Diffuse Magic – This reduces spell damage taken by 90% for six seconds, clears any effects on you and puts them on your opponent instead. Magical onslaughts and debilitating spells are extremely prevalent right now, and I believe this could turn the tables on a Mage, Warlock or Priest very easily. This could definitely save your life a lot, but its use seems to be for PVP mainly. I would definitely take this because it’s an excellent trick to have in your arsenal against spellcasters.

Level 90

  • Rushing Jade Wind – This ability summons a AOE damaging tornade that travels 30 yards, and it increase your spinning crane kick damage by 30%, and your movement speed while using the kick by 100%. It’s also only on a 30 second cooldown. This is a very synergistic AOE ability and would be great in dungeons and BGs. It also seems immensely cool to throw out a tornado then rush in with a spinning kick. This is a great Windwalker talent and would be good for generating hate as a Brewmaster, but my feeling is it’s not that great for Mistweavers. It could easily break CCs, but in terms of damage potential this looks very nice and extremely fun.
  • Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger – This talent summons a white tiger ally for 45 seconds to fight your primary target. The tiger also throws out lightning bolts every six seconds which hit up to three targets. However, it’s on a three minute cooldown, so this talent looks like it would be good for setting up burst with your other abilities. It could also provide some sustained pressure for its duration if you’re CC’d, but that’s mainly a PVP thing. This would be good in BGs, better in arenas, but most helpful in dungeons against multiple foes.
  • Chi Torpedo – This replaces Roll and damages foes or heals allies in your path. Both these components make it good for Mistweavers and Windwalkers because it’s a heal/damage and an escape. The cooldown is short and it would be great against groups of enemies in PVE and PVP. Also, since arenas often involve lots of chasing, this seems great for all specs. This looks very nice, even though it’s the least spectacular. Also, I’m a real sucker for those speedy flying kicks offered by Rushing Jade Wind.