Yellow Light of Death may cause devastating problems for gamers, and most of the time console owners cannot help but feel helpless when struck with this problem. Out of desperation, some just junk out their malfunctioning console and just opt to buy a new one in order to get back to the game, but this is of course seriously impractical. A yellow light of death fix need not be expensive or costly. First, kindly check if the cords are placed in their sockets. If it is, check the power supply. Another thing is to check if the console is still covered by the company’s warranty. Look online for the nearest service center that caters to the equipment’s need. Compare also the service rates and decide which center you wish to entrust your console to. Find a reasonable rate and remember to keep it professional.

If you are not sure what caused the Yellow Light of Death to light up, do not panic. More importantly, do not undertake the task of performing a repair without proper and professional knowledge of the equipment. This may void the warranty (if it is still in effect) and may endanger you, should the equipment cause shock due to faulty electrical problems. Know first the company’s profile and check with the people you know about the quality of service that they provided. Once you have settled on where you wish to have your console repaired, meet the technician and talk to him about what happened before the Yellow Light of Death lit up. A yellow light of death fix cannot be made if the technician does not have a background on the console’s history. Remember to be honest as this will hasten up the process of a yellow light of death fix. If the technician knows what he is looking for, he can fix it faster. Agree on a reasonable service fee and do not be shy to ask for a discount; just remember to be gracious when he has done his job well too.

After having the PS3 yellow light of death fixed, remember to take care of the equipment. Check for overheating and make sure that adequate power supply reaches the console. Do not allow dust to build up on the console as this may affect the Blu-ray drive’s ability to playback the disc. Place the console in a secure, well ventilated area. If possible, place a cooling fan near the console to prevent overheating. This will prevent the thermal paste to heat up to much and thereby cause the dreaded Yellow Light of Death. In the meantime, enjoy the endless possibilities with your PS3. You can challenge your friend on the latest first person shooting or your brother to a racing match. Whatever game you may choose, remember that Yellow Light of Death does not spell an end to your PS3 experience, if you know where to go and what to look for.