Month: September 2019

Guild Wars 2 Warrior

While the warrior role in other RPG’s usually means doing a little damage before getting an epic beat down from multiple attackers, the Guild Wars 2 warrior is a little hardier. The warrior profession is actually a pretty good option for solo players, as this character is definitely a lot more mobile than the armor would suggest. The ability to inflict specific damage depending upon the weapons sets you choose means that you can really get into fine detail about how you want to slaughter attacking hordes, but it also means that there is a bit of a learning curve required to master the profession.

The weapon sets can be mixed and matched to achieve maximum damage, with the ability to carry weapons in both hands, swing away two handed with larger weapons and even aquatic weapons all available to the warrior. The ability to change up weapons and attack … Read the rest

Violence in Computer Gaming

The Entertainment Software Rating Board provides summarized, accurate information that allows users to see at a glance, the suitability of games for various ages. This Board is not a South African entity, but its ratings are an excellent guideline for parents when purchasing games for their children.

Games are rated for:

  • early childhood (EC),
  • everyone (E),
  • everyone 10+ for children aged 10 and older (10+E),
  • teen for ages 13 and older (T),
  • mature for ages 17 and older (M),
  • adults only for ages 18 and older (AO), and
  • rating pending (RP)

The ESRB rating applies to games and mobile apps and is extrapolated from information submitted by the publisher in the latter stages of game development, but prior to publication. The content is evaluated based on aspects such as violence, language, nudity, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual context and gambling – and a rating applied.

The game and its packaging … Read the rest

Fighting Games

Several websites not only offer these fighting games and allow free download, but also keep uploading new games, which you can download and enjoy. However, some of the more famous and branded games offer better quality of audio, video and graphics, but demand a monthly payment of varying amounts. However, some people opine that it would be cheaper to buy the games outright, as paying rent for it for 4 to 5 months would account for the cost of the game itself.

Some websites offer demo versions of the games for your trials. Remember though, that it is worthwhile to download only if you computer is fast. Again a few of the websites will either offer you a limited level trail version with time limits or provide demos which are like trailers of the real game. You can play these shorter versions, and if you like them, you can buy … Read the rest

Fallout 3


The story in Fallout 3 starts already when you are a baby and you grow up in Vault 101. While I do not intend to get into too many spoilers there is one little problem I have seen people complain about related to this: It doesn’t give you a vague background you can make for yourself.

Some people will now probably think “Why is that important?” and I will try to explain just that. One of the things Bethesda is known for is their open games, and Fallout 3 is no different here, but from my interactions with the more “Roleplay” heavy communities that have played the game(especially some fans of the Elder Scrolls games) feel that the set backstory for the character limits their roleplaying experience. Now, I am not going to be using this against the game, but it is something to take note of if you … Read the rest

Reasons to Play Diner Dash Online

  • First, Diner Dash is mentally stimulating as well as educational. It allows you to understand what goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant while mentally adjusting to an exciting, fast-paced environment. After playing it a few times, you’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll also have a better understanding of the economics of running a business. Deciding what strategies to use that will earn the most money is a valuable skill not just any video game teaches.
  • Second, playing Diner Dash online can be totally free of charge and requires no download. All you need is an internet connection and a few seconds to find an online free version of the game. After getting online, you’ll soon be enjoying this thrilling game and all of the action that it promises. Each level gets increasingly more difficult as Flo tries to meet the demands of more customers.
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The game takes place in the fictional island of Stratis which is a diverse landscape that spans 20 squared kilometers of explorable landscape. Its terrain features expansive forests and several man-made airbases. Once you start up the game, you are given a variety of choices in how you play the game. You can choose to see the showcases to experience the selection of infantry, vehicles and helicopter that is seen in the game. You can also start up the multiplayer and form a squad to fight against the enemy. You can also create your own scenario through the in-game editor. When you have decided what to do, you are given a variety of options to choose your gear, pick from a collection of weapons and customize your load out.

The game features the newest version of Bohemia Interactive’s game engine, Real Virtuality. In its fourth version, there are a number … Read the rest

Bubble Birds 2.0

On the surface, it’s a nice looking game, all bright colors, the different birds all have distinct appearances. There’s a few different backgrounds that are well detailed and yet don’t distract the eye. The sounds are crisp and fun, instilling a calming atmosphere, even after hours of playing. Bubble Birds 2.0 is a very well presented game.

Gameplay is very simple, tap where you want your bird to go and that’s it. Just group 3 or more of any color together to eliminate them from the play field. Getting successive matches increases the points you score and there are a variety of special birds to both help and hinder you. The rainbow bird for example becomes the color it lands on and the blackbird throws a spanner in the works by becoming a random color, but never the color it lands on. Something I found quite by accident, you can … Read the rest

Finish With Free Online Driving Games

Online driving games are a great alternative to purchasing costly gaming consoles and software. In fact, many of the online variants are totally free and feature graphics and gameplay that rival their commercial counterparts. It’s easy to play free games without spending money or upgrading your computer. Most are optimized to run on any fairly modern PC with only minimum system requirements. If you have a reliable data connection, you are probably already good to go.

Browser based games don’t require any download or installation. You might need a plug-in to support specific types of content, but most users already have these installed. If you do need a browser add-on or extension, the good news is that it only takes a minute. You can be up and running in no time. When you play free games online, you can enjoy your favourites anywhere, anytime, from any Internet enabled device.

Online … Read the rest


The main city screen for this game has buildings scattered about, divided by blocks. You can build and recruit gang members in order to launch strikes and claim these buildings for your own! With a city hall and it’s upgrade, you can then move buildings around for a more strategic setup, or take over abandoned buildings to increase the fog of war in your city, discovering more buildings to take and hold!

This game features 3 main resources, muscle, which is used to recruit your gang member units. Coins is used in the upgrading of buildings, defenses, and upgrading your avatar with stronger clothing and weaponry! Finally, product is used in the construction upgrades of buildings and buying defenses for your city! There are several building types in this game, and resource buildings give you a set amount of a certain type, such as sweatshops giving you product, and gyms … Read the rest

Sleeping Dogs Game

Straight away it gives signs of being heavily story orientated which is a good thing in my opinion! I like the story, I’m not going to give a big break down of the whole thing because that’s what makes Game Reviews long and I don’t want to spoil things for you. But, the story gets a thumbs up from me.

I’ll talk about the things which I like about Sleeping Dogs, first off there is a pretty nifty game mechanic where you have 2 different experience systems. You gain experience as a cop and as a triad (saying cops and triads shouldn’t be a spoiler, you should be aware of this.) So you gain experience as a cop by completing undercover cop cases and not killing innocents and wrecking the place. You level up as a triad by beating down bad guys and the usual gang related things. I really … Read the rest