Month: November 2019

Knack Preview

I didn’t get a whole lot information when it came to gameplay but during my time with the playable E3 demo, I was beating up enemies who wore plate armor and seemed to be shooting purple lava projectiles. I was hit by their indigo firepower and I noticed my character losing health and getting a little bit smaller. That’s the thing in Knack, your health and size are one and the same. Luckily for you, you can grow in size and recover your health when you bust open these red mailbox looking boxes floating around the levels.

The gameplay was simple yet strangely had me addicted. I loved how the dodge was attached to the right analog stick. See a fireball or a flying fist coming at you? Flick the stick in the same direction and dodge right under it! Eventually, I was dodging punches better than Ali ever … Read the rest

Classic Old Nintendo

Despite all of the classic old Nintendo games,Mario Brother’s might have been the most classic of all old Nintendo games. Although Mario Brothers was the most popular in terms of units sold, there were several other video games that we all enjoyed – and still do. No matter how good the graphics look on PlayStation 3, or the new Xbox 360, or how fun it is to play the Nintendo Wii, we all seem to love the basic old Nintendo games. New video game consoles will come and go, but we will all remember playing a Nintendo.

Here we will remind you of some of the top selling old Nintendo games in order of units sold (in millions):

  • 40.23 – Super Mario Brothers
  • 18 – Super Mario Brothers 3
  • 10 – Super Mario Brothers 2
  • 6.51 – The Legend of Zelda
  • 4.38 – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  • 4
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Get Free Xbox Live Codes

In order to be in a position to play an Xbox game, live codes are required. The basic purpose is, the gamers can play their favorite games, and at the same time their earned points need to be saved. These points increase the ranking of the game in performance list among the best players

You can easily get free Xbox live codes, especially if you are an experienced player. The most recommended and easiest way of getting these free codes is, visiting the developer’s (Microsoft) website. The developers mostly offer free trial codes so that you could be able to play free games. These free trial codes are for a limited time, and are offered seasonally only. These codes allow you to compete with the best players from around the globe. Though different membership subscriptions allow you a lot to do, these codes still come with a price attached to … Read the rest

Super Nintendo Games

Games are classified on the basis of their genre. They can be both serious and funny and their type is exactly what defines their demand, including their market. Version of the game also dictates the age group of users that play it, however this has been an incorrect term lately as people of all decades play almost all types of games.
Following are the basic types of games available:

  1. Racing series. These include spinning your vehicle through misshapen roads and excessively curved streets in order to reach the destination sooner than the other. Vehicle can be either a bike or a racing car and may even at times be an aircraft.
  2. Crime series. Here you get to hunt down the criminals, save the innocent civilians and rescue people from burning buildings. This genre is mostly craved by the teenage boys for whom military weapons are nothing less than a charm.
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Planet Cazmo


Members create an avatar to use as their virtual personality. This avatar can be customized to look any way the member wants – glasses, hair, eyes, skin, clothing and accessories can all be personalized. In order to properly survive in this virtual world, players must earn money (known as Cazmo Coins) to pay for their life. Although all players automatically earn a monthly allowance, they can also get extra money by playing space-related games and successfully completing quests. Once players become members, they can get their own house and also become pet owners. Members simply purchase an egg and wait for it to hatch. Players can also earn the right to buy a spaceship for space travel or buy a car. Car owners automatically receive a driver’s license. Players can also obtain a cell phone and text other members.

There is a hierarchy among players based on how long … Read the rest

Info of Skylanders Revolution

Technologically speaking, this is a breakthrough for all game developers that will undoubtedly want to follow the lead that Activision has taken with a revolutionary idea that captures every child’s dream. Imagine what it would be like as a child, to look at your collectible figures, and then they magically come to life in a video game! I know that all I wished for, was for my action man figure to be able to fight for me with his array of weapons and vehicles.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure has grown in popularity due to its unique features such as combining traditional toys, consoles and the internet to create the most interactive game ever.

For all who are curious to find out what this game is all about, your questions will be answered as you read through this article.

Skylands is a magical land full of adventure, which is virtual world that … Read the rest


Graphics, Sound, and Setting

BloodRayne is set in the past, around the 1930s, in a world where there are vampires. The game’s story is about a woman named Rayne who is a dhampir, or a vampire hunter. She works for the Brimstone Society, an organization that fights and hunts vampires. The game’s story and setting are very unique and different from other games. It’s one of the things that makes BloodRayne interesting. The graphics in the game are pretty bad, even for a PlayStation 2 game. I don’t know if it was because this was one of the first PlayStation 2 games, but the graphics are blocky and the textures are bland. The game has a lot of grey in it, and the environments can become boring and repetitive. The lip synching is also off. The cutscenes are all well done, however, and move smoothly. Rayne is modeled well, and … Read the rest

Knights of Honor

The game is played on a large map of Europe which spans from Ireland in the west and Georgia in the east to Scandinavia in the north and the northern coastal areas of Africa in the south. On the map, each space is divided into provinces where each province is governed by a city with several rural areas (towns, farms, monasteries) around it. The rural areas can’t be changed but the city has room for buildings and upgrades which can give bonuses to the rural areas. Construction of other buildings are needed to recruit certain units or are used to defend the city such as walls and towers. A single city has only a limited amount of space for buildings so not all types of buildings can be built and the player must choose which to build that suits their needs. In Knights of Honor, the time it takes to … Read the rest

Gears Of War 3

You’ll come across Dom at the start of the game who’s taking care of tomato plants which seems a little uncharacteristic, you’ll quickly meet the other members of your squad and shortly after that the action begins.

Gears Of War veterans will be on familiar ground although newcomers can quickly get the hang of the game play mechanics, the latest game in the series includes that same features such as shooting and running for cover that made the previous games such a success.

It’s taken a while but Epic have finally included female troopers in the game who’ll back you up during fire fights, Gears Of War has always been about working in a team and your squad mates do a good job of backing you up without robbing you of too many kills.

While you’ll mostly play the part of Marcus Phoenix you’ll also step into the role of … Read the rest

Dungeon Crawlers

I think what I liked most about Dungeon Crawlers is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The dialogue is packed with humor and the characters are likable, familiar even, that’s because they drew a lot of inspiration from the movie Ghostbusters. Even their names are parodies of the movie characters and fans of the film will notice some of the script is borrowed directly from scenes in the 1984 classic. The plot is however original with a couple of twists and turns.

The control scheme is nice and simple, all taps and swipes although the camera can be a little touchy. I had better camera control by switching to classic iOS in the options, you lose some movement but the camera is more stable and far less fidgety. Combat was a little confusing at first but didn’t take long to get used to, and once you are, it’s … Read the rest