Month: December 2019

Harvest Lands

This game has many great things to offer. The monsters (unfortunately named “Nummies”) are adorable, and all the graphics are cute and sharp. You start off exploring the woods, gathering resources. This is done through a variety of swiping and tapping gestures, depending on what resource you are trying to gather.
You return to the town where you can build shops to sell these resources for gold. Gold is used to upgrade a variety of things, such as your population size limit. Both gold and the various resources are used for the other key mechanic- monster collecting.

As you explore, you come across Nummies in the wild. Many of them will offer you a “quest.” If you can meet their conditions in five minutes, they will join your population. Their conditions include giving them a certain number of gold, resources, or even controlling a specific Nummi to complete the mission. … Read the rest

Door Kickers

At the beginning of each level, you are given a select number of SWAT troopers, each equipped with their own set of equipment, and a greyed out level showing that you do not have any prior knowledge on where the terrorists or hostages would be. So far, there is only two types of troopers where one is equipped with a customized 1911 pistol and the other equipped with a M4 style carbine and a pistol. Each trooper can carry a limited amount of flashbangs which can temporarily stun the enemy so you can have the upper hand. Before starting each level, you have to analyse the situation, plan each trooper’s route and execute the plan. You can stick with on the fly improvisation or planned routes to complete the level. There are a variety of levels in the game and each one can be completed in minutes but perfect planning … Read the rest

World of Warcraft Herb

  • To begin using Herbalism a player must start by being at least level 5, and then the player can learn Apprentice Herbalism by being visiting any of the numerous herbalism trainers.
  • If you are having difficulties finding a trainer, you can ask any major city guard where an Herbalism trainer can be found.
  • When you begin harvesting plants out on the fields make sure that you turn on the “Find Herbs” ability. By doing so, it will display every nearby herb on the minimap.
  • To gain skill in herbalism all you would need to do is gather certain herbs that give you skill points. Each herb has a different color, and these will help you determine how likely you will gain a skill point after harvesting that herb.
  • Like every other World of Warcraft profession, the World of Warcraft Herb guide tells us that Herbalism will give a player a
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Dominate Halo Reach

  • Shot Placement: There’s a very common misconception out there that you should always be aiming for your opponent’s head and that they will die faster when your shot grouping is focused above the shoulders. This is only partially true. When your opponents shield has yet to “pop”, it does not matter where your shots are placed. You could hit your opponent in the pinky finger and it will do the same amount of damage as a shot to the center of his facemask will do. However, once the shield pops, then the head is key. One shot with the DMR, Pistol, or a couple of bullets with any weapon really will finish them off. So, the idea is to initially aim for the largest target there is, the chest. This way, once the shield pops, it’s an easy shot to the head and you’re off to the next victim.
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Be a Killer Gamer

One thing you can use is Gunnar glasses which will lessen your eye strain and lower the blue light that you see, enabling you to see better while gaming. Gunnar glasses come in a variety of colors and styles but you can find a pair for about 50-100 dollars. Many professional gamers use gunnar glasses and some are even sponsored by them.

Another accessory you can use for controllers is Kontrol Freek thumbstick extenders. Kontrol Freek accessories will allow you to better control your game without raising the sensitivity in the settings high. They are fairly inexpensive as well, ranging from 10-20 dollars. Professional gamers use Kontrol Freek thumbstick extenders as well, they can be used with PS3 or Xbox controllers as well.

If you are playing a first person or third person shooter there are some tips to help you do better in a firefight, especially online. Movement is … Read the rest

Nintendo Game System

NES or Nintendo Entertainment System developed this way craze in the general public that Nintendo began designing, manufacturing and eventually released game systems that even became immensely popular.

Nintendo is known for a “no tolerance” stance against emulation of its video games and consoles, stating that it is the one largest threat to the intellectual rights of video game developers. Nintendo is bringing Netflix’s online streaming video service to its Wii gaming console, the most popular within the industry, Nintendo is attempting to create a blue ocean by making a distinctive gaming expertise with straightforward access to a back-catalog of games, while at the identical time creating a product ecosystem, and I for one applaude them for their try, sink or swim.

After the NES, Nintendo offered the Super NES or Super Nintendo, that was additionally a hit. Nintendo additionally entered the handheld gaming systems industry and developed and released … Read the rest

Get Better at Call of Duty

Play With A Clan

It wasn’t until I started playing with a clan that I improved at Call of Duty. There are a couple of reasons why you want to start playing with a clan. First of all, when you’re in a clan you get comfortable at playing Cod. You make jokes, laugh, talk about randoms things with your clan members which relaxes you. So instead of running around and getting angry with yourself after losing and/or dying, you’re more likely to brush it off or laugh about it with your clan-mates. Playing with a clan builds confidence. When you play with your clan against randoms, you’re in a good position to win a lot of games. Before i joined a clan, I rarely won. If you play by yourself, you rarely do. There are too much newbies running around who play for their own agenda. Nothing puts a damper … Read the rest

80s Arcade Games

Donkey Kong

This was one of my ultimate favorites to play as a kid. The game was groundbreaking for its time and featured an ape, a damsel in distress and an Italian plumber playing out a wacky storyline. Mario, a carpenter, runs up platforms and climbs ladders at a construction site while the ape named Donkey Kong throws barrels at him. Mario must also dodge fire and other obstacles to get to the top of the platforms and rescue the damsel being held by the grouchy Donkey Kong. Mario became Nintendo’s flagship character and spawned several different game sequels. Nintendo originally wanted to make a Popeye comics game but could not get a license for him. They decided to develop their own characters and created a love triangle between an ape, a carpenter, and a girlfriend, that was similar to the love triangle between Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl. Donkey … Read the rest

Zombie Assault Game

Since the success of Resident Evil in the 90’s, many game developers have joined the bandwagon and attempted to use the “zombie craze” to their advantage by incorporating zombies into their games. Hugely popular game franchises such as the Dead Space series, Dead Island Series, Dead Rising series or the Left 4 Dead series all feature zombies as the main enemies that the player has to face and defeat. Of course, these series are just the tip of the iceberg, for there are hundreds of video games involving zombies available for every imaginable platform from consoles to mobile phones.

However, you don’t need to go out and buy a game console or an expensive gaming computer if you feel like going on a zombie killing rampage. Thanks to flash games, you can experience the fun of massacring hundreds of undead monsters on any regular computer with internet connection. In this … Read the rest

Playstation Move

The controller was in the works by Sony Entertainment as early as 2001. Early prototype versions of the Move were in circulation such as the Eye Toy but these motionless controllers failed to capture people’s attentions. By 2008 Sony had finished work on the Move and was ready to launch it to the public.

With the public and media giving the PS3 Move rave reviews, the Move was being applied to all Sony PlayStation wireless games. The first game to utilize this was Dual Shock 3, which enabled a player to use the analog stick of the Move for the use of the sword in game. Rumors also at the time speculated that Sony had developed the Move in retaliation against Nintendo Wii’s wireless Nunchuck remote, but Sony denied any of those allegations.

The Move was finally released being just a bit too late for the Christmas rush but right … Read the rest