In order to get the best out of the game play, you will have to be a registered player as it allows you to save your points and game settings, which in turn count towards your competition entry. You get the opportunity to choose between the two expert racers to be your mentor while you are at the racing academy. The two mentors that you can choose from are Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart. Their experience, expertise, and instructions will be very useful to decide on the outcome of the races. Picking Hamilton as your mentor, you get started with Karting, followed by Formula 3 and finally Formula 1. Picking Tony Stewart as your mentor, you get started with Midget Cars, followed by Indy Cars and finally NASCAR. The game does allow you the option of switching between the two mentors by clicking on the garage door.

As you take part in the races on the turning tracks, featuring some of the best racers in the academy, you should try to finish in good position, perhaps first position to earn maximum points. The points earned can be used to avail the useful upgrades that make you even more competent for the races ahead. You should always be mentally prepared to face increasing challenges as the game progresses but that is nothing to complain about because you get there by choice.

The racing challenges in the game start with relative ease, but the difficulties keep creeping up as the game progresses. As you take part in the game, you will surely improve on your driving skills. There are ads in the game but they always appear with the skip option, which surely is a very likeable feature of the game. Over all, this is a must play online racing game, especially if you are a fan of racing games.