Okabu is like that beautiful person. It has been blessed with the most beautiful graphics and artwork. The scenery is fantastic, displaying sharp, clear graphics and pictures. But the actual gameplay is tedious and boring. The puzzles are explained to such an extent that you solve them without any challenge. The situations and obstacles are so easy to overcome you can probably do them blindfolded.

The main characters are two cloud whales called Nimbe and Kumulo. You originally lived in the sky above but have left your home to find the pollution that’s killing off your race. On earth you find an evil race called the Doza. They are destroying the earth with pollution and toxic waste. You eventually meet the Yoruba who are a race also trying to save the earth. You resort to guerrilla tactics and fight the Doza. You must destroy all the inventions the Doza have created as it is harmful to the earth and environment.

The whales can fly and they can also absorb fluids. Early in the game they water the earth in this manner. They can also spit oil making paths which can be lit with fire. The whales are made from clouds so their abilities seem interesting and fun. But the tasks they perform throughout the game are the same and eventually repetitively doing the same thing over and over kills the game. The obstacles are limited and you will eventually foresee what lies ahead and just do more of the same.

There are creatures that mount the whales and ride them. The riders can shoot at enemies and other characters, but again you will be doing so much of that, it will eventually become boring and tedious. You don’t have to do any thinking as the game is so easy even a child can accomplish all the tasks without any difficulty.

You can choose co-op mode but this doesn’t make the game any more interesting or exciting. You may as well play solo, there is no difference. The music is quite good, but other than that, the game is a lack luster adventure that fails miserably.