The controls are very simple and will be picked up within 5 minutes or so; the game starts with a small single player training programme that they recommend is completed before attempting multiplayer. Training will take roughly 5-10 minutes and you’ll feel comfortable entering multiplayer – the controls are so simple, they’ve just released an update that includes gamepad support.

Customisability and Items

In game currency is known as BP, this is earned as you play more and more games. RT is currency that you can buy with real money, this allows you to unlock superior items for your

character. This will give some players an advantage, but I do not think this is a pay to win game, you can unlock most items with BP and the RT items do not seem overpowered. Overall, the store is a great edition to the game, and allows for customisation and variety between players, allowing them to look and play according to their preferred style.

Game Modes

There is a good variety of game modes and maps available in multiplayer, such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Boss Fights and Zombie Survival. So there’s definitely something for everyone here, providing a lot of different gameplay options so you won’t get bored quickly. There are also ranked matches for more experienced players.


First of all, the menu system is very simple and sleek, presenting everything well. Team balancing takes place before every game, which is good and makes for a fairer and more fun experience. The games are pretty short and last for around 10 minutes each.

Although most of the classes are pretty tanky and can survive with a few players attacking them for a decent amount of time, it’s easy to get locked down as enemies are attacking you, but this is to be expected I’m sure more experienced players can avoid this.