You have multiple dishes to create, by using salad bars, brick ovens, grills, and so forth, but you need all of the available ingredients first in order to create them. Some dishes require additional creations built using mixers and toasters, such as creating croutons, dough, pita chips and more beforehand, which really add to the atmosphere of creating said dishes. The game also will give the real recipe so you can create your own dishes in real life, which is a really nice touch.

Visiting other players on your friend list and helping them out will net you additional resources, and if you are a regular visitor (3 visits or more), you will receive pepper, which is definitely needed for a lot of dishes. Sometimes when eating your visitors dishes or helping out, you will get a chance to receive an ingredient for use in your store, which can help if you are running low. Helping out other players actually feels like you are being rewarded for assisting, rather than just getting useless items in other games.

Some of the structures you build in the game, like the salad bar, will need players helping you in order to have them successfully created, which you will need quite a few players in this game in order to keep advancing the quests and the structures needed for said quests, or other ingredients. Like almost all Zynga games, you will need other people playing this game, which can be rather troublesome depending on others to help out, unless you want to spend real money to advance, which I don’t recommend, as almost everything can be got with Chefville players.