The in-game combat is done through the use of melee weapons and firearms where melee is emphasized and mostly used. Generally, in a zombie apocalypse, you don’t want to alert a horde where they would come in a swarm and generally, rip you to shreds. It will be easier taking on one zombie and moving on to another one. The first quarter of the game is with melee only and then firearms are introduced but melee is often the best choice of weapon to use in the game. Weapons can be found in predetermined locations with generally stats based on the player’s level. With each weapon, it can be upgraded four times to increase the stats. With combat, there is a stamina bar which means each physical action takes up a chunk of stamina which means you are limited to what you can do within a specific time before you have to regain your stamina.

In the game, each zombie has different abilities. The infected are both the running and charging types and those who are walkers. There is also the specialized zombies which are the thug (those with enhanced strength), the suicide (those who exploded to damage surrounding enemies), the ram (a large zombie in a straitjacket who charges the player), the butcher (who has sharpened bones as knives) and the floater (who spews flammable acid-like vomit).

Unlike other zombie games like the Left for Dead series, this game has the feature of a role-playing game where you can level up and build up your character. The blood and gore in the game is a plus for any zombie game. The driving in the game is a bit sketchy at the moment but it is an interesting feature to drive and plough through a horde of zombie freely with blood splattering everywhere.