We should have one thing straight from the very beginning: “dangers-free” definitely does not mean “less exciting”. No such thing! When you play dirt bike games you can instantly transpose yourself into the body of the daredevil biker on your screen and you can actually feel the adrenaline in your body reaching maximum levels as you become conscious of all the possible deadly dangers that you’re facing. You can just imagine the type of risks I’m talking about since all the dirt bike games developers are competing for coming up with the most realistic kind if graphics featuring all kinds of bumpy, risky, off-road circuits, all sorts of sand dunes and trampolines that you’ll have to climb, while keeping steady on your bike, and jump from, performing some breathtakingly amazing stunts way, way up in the air. These surely aren’t the kind of online games suitable for cardiac players and definitely no the type of games for those who’re not “infected’ with that “adrenaline virus” that makes them go for the most dangerous dirt bike racing challenges.

Speaking of graphics, the beauty of dirt bike games available online is that you can challenge your biking skills in some of the most spectacular settings that you could ever dream to drive your bike in. I’m talking here about arid deserts for instance or about the ghastly looking, “inflamed” land of the underworld. The game controls are pretty much identical in all the games: you just need to use the right arrow keys for steering your dirt bike and for going forwards or backwards or for balancing left or right. What sets them apart from all the other driving/racing games online is the permanent feeling of experiencing a new challenge, of facing a new hostile environment, a new unfriendly off-road circuit. Unlike in real life, when you’re playing dirt bike games online you get to earn your chance to continuously look for the perfect, most powerful, speedier bike to match your newly upgraded skills. That’s right, as you practice and practice your balancing skills while on a two-wheeled speedy little beast, as you improve your acrobatic skills as a danger-addicted biker, you get to upgrade you bike or change it completely with one more fit for your newly acquired skills.

I’m quite sure I have already stirred that adrenaline junkie and the little daredevil biker inside you, haven’t I? Then how about satisfying his need for speed and adrenaline without having to expose yourself to all sorts of real-life dangers, but by simply going online and finding your future top favourite dirt bike games to test your biking skills with?