The Blood Dragon Armour

Exclusive armour that is available from the beginning of the game and beats anything players can find throughout their time playing it.

Collector’s Edition DLC

This was a collection of three items, one of which is available from the beginning of the game, with the following two needing to be bought further in.

The Lucky Stone

This adds one point to all stats, which any Dragon Age player will tell you is a massive bonus compared to the actual leveling up done in the game.

Embri’s Many Pockets

This is another item which can be equipped to add five points to every magical type of resistance, boosting any character a player has created.

Amulet Of The War Mage

This is an item which adds five points to all magical damages, making any mage immediately better in combat.

Helm Of The Deep

This is a helmet that grants additional points to constitution, mental resistance and physical resistance, all of which helps to properly shape a great warrior in Dragon Age Origins.

Mark Of Vigilance

The Mark Of Vigilance boosts defence, spell resistance and mental resistance. These are great for building up any character in the Dragon Age universe for slaying Darkspawn.

Memory Band

The Memory Band adds one point to all experience gained, which greatly helps players throughout their time playing Dragon Age Origins as the more you level up the better moves you gain access to.

Lion’s Paw

The Lion’s Paw is a pair of boots that increase armour, obviously, but also the chance for a character to doge a normal or missile attack such as an arrow, very cool.

Feral Wolf Charm

The Feral Wold Charm added to a player’s armour, ability to regenerate outside of combat, and resistance to nature attacks, all of which are useful for all kinds of characters.

The Wicked Oath

The Wicked Oath is a ring bound to a woman’s blood many years in Dragon Age’s history. It adds to critical strike damage, improves armour penetration and combat stamina regeneration.

Band Of Fire

Band Of Fire improves constitution, fire resistance and spirit resistance.

Dalish Promise Ring

The Dalish Promise ring is, as it sounds, a promise ring of the Dalish Elves. It increases health regeneration in combat, the effects of health potions, and reduces the overall hostility a player might experience from other characters.

Guildmaster’s Belt

The Guildmaster’s Belt is a belt which increases cunning and dodge, but also improves a character’s monetary gain from looting dead foes or searching chests.

The Edge

The Edge is a dagger which increases a character’s damage dealt, critical attacks, and overall attack power.

Bulwark Of The True King

Bulwark Of The True King is a shield players can equip. It increases willpower, constitution, defense and armour in both the original game and the Awakening expansion, except in Awakening its effects are slightly greater.

Pearl Of The Anointed One

The Pearl Of The Anointed One is a necklace which increases all stats by one in the original game and two in the Awakening expansion. It also increases the monetary gain a player might experience.

Bregan’s Bow

Obviously a bow, this weapon adds to armour penetration, attack and critical or backstab damage, as with some of the other DLC the effects are increased in the Dragon Age Origins Awakening DLC.

The second form of DLC that was released for Dragon Age Origins came as actual expansions to the game play, meaning the game time was extended by several hours with each piece of this DLC, see below for a list of them and a brief explanation of each.

Warden’s Keep

This DLC took players to Soldier’s Keep, an old abandoned keep once used by the Grey Wardens. Through the DLC players aid Levi Dryden in redeeming his great great grandmother’s honor, by proving how she acted differently to the other Grey Warden’s on their day of expulsion from Ferelden. Players also gain access to two powers from the Power Of Blood school, a form of powerful blood magic.

The Stone Prisoner

The Stone Prisoner is an excellent piece of DLC for Dragon Age which adds a lot to the actual core game play. Players gain access to the town of Honnleath, where they find Shale, the stone prisoner, who is actually a stone golem created by the dwarves. The DLC leads players with Shale into the abandoned Calash Thaig where they discover the source of Shale herself, which is a deeply moving story when compared to some of the other quests in the game.

Return To Ostagar

In Return To Ostagar players return to the scene of the Grey Warden’s defeat against the Darkspawn, where King Cailan was killed. Here they can also recover the King’s armour and learn more about why the Grey Wardens were betrayed in the first place.

Feastday Gifts and Feastday Pranks

Both of the Feastday DLC packs were released as part of a way to make Dragon Age a bit more fun, adding character interactions with each, some of which improved their relationship with the player, and others which did exactly the opposite.

A Tale Of Orzammar

A Tale Of Orzammar acts as the prelude to the Dwarf Noble’s story. Players will overhear in a tavern of a well-paid job in the Deep Roads, where they will discover a lot more than gold and riches, and it acts as a good set up to the main game, although most of the race’s backstories do anyway, so it isn’t essential.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

The Darkspawn Chronicles is an alternative timeline story that tells the tale of the end of Dragon Age Origins as if the player had never existed. In this DLC Alistair has led the story and collected the characters from around the lands, but now players control the hordes of Darkspawn supporting the Arch Daemon. While a nice change of pace and fun to play, this DLC adds nothing to the story and is more about having permission to kill the smug Alistair.

Leliana’s Song

Leliana’s Song is a DLC that tells the take of how Leliana was betrayed and became the young bard working for the Chant of Light. The story is very interesting and makes players appreciate why Leliana is the way she is, and what she’s gone through in the world of Dragon Age Origins.

The Golems Of Amgarrak

In The Golems Of Amgarrak players are seeking the help of a certain Dwarf who asks them to help him find his brother’s expedition in return for this help. The quest delves into the origins of Golem creation, a dark and secret art that has been lost, and if renewed would bring great fortune to the dwarf with the knowledge.