The World

Players encounter a whole new world in Dragon Age Origins, filled with weird and wonderful races, the Quinari for example, and enemies to take on, and a mythology that has deeper roots than some well-established RPG’s which have been around for longer. There are many areas in the game which introduce elements never considered by other games, such as The Circle. This is the central hub for all those with magical powers, asserting control over those who practice the dark arts and training others to use the light arts well.

The Mythology

The mythology in the game is still celebrated as some of the deepest in gaming history. The world is littered with various volumes on certain aspects of the game, offering the player who chooses to read them all the wealth of knowledge of an entire world. As far as the core history goes, a group of mages attempted to enter the game’s version of heaven, and when they did they tainted it with their darkness and desire for power. As a result all of the beings, thought to be gods, living in the realm became dark beasts, which were buried deep underground by the dwarves. The Darkspawn, creatures tainted by this darkness, seek out these gods and once every few hundred years do find one, known as an Arch Daemon. These old gods must be destroyed to stop the Darkspawn spreading across the world, and every time they find one of their gods the ensuing rampage is known as a blight.

The Heroes

The Grey Wardens are the heroes of Dragon Age Origins, a group of warriors from all races which have consumed Darkspawn blood and survived its effects, making them stronger. Players create a character which becomes a Grey Warden in the game, and so follow the current blight to its end, in which they must kill the Arch Daemon. Interestingly the Grey Warden to kill the Arch Daemon will also themselves die, and a choice is offered to players before they kill it which allows them to choose to live on or die a hero.

The Characters And Choices

The main characters in the game are a group of warriors from across the races in the game. Players interact with each of these characters in their hub area between quests, making for some very touching and often comedic conversations. This is where Dragon Age Origins opens up, because players can make other characters either love or hate them, each achieving specific abilities within them. The choices given to players range from the trivial to the unbelievable, often resulting in irreversible, world changing effects.