Straight away it was evident they were going to be attempting an ‘epic emotional story’ in true Japanese style. But they failed, miserably. This has a lot to do with the fact that, in all the cut scenes your character just stands there gawping with a gormless look across their face, making stupid noises like “oooooooh, aaaaaaah.” As if they’ve just realised what’s actually happening in the world and what epic quest has been bestowed on them. I’m literally sitting there clutching my head with my hands watching these scenes because they’re so ridiculous, no worthy protagonist would act in the way the main character does, they just would not, it’s absurd. I really feel the need to get this point across, when you see what I’m talking about, you’ll thank me.

Another strange thing about the story is that, I’m pretty sure you have some sort of romantic interest in the first settlement you start the game in. But when you leave there you never see nor hear from this person again and your character doesn’t seem to care at all! You’re character just seems to be like “see you later!” Then you just rock up at the next settlement where you meet a person who is already married and she starts swooning all over you, bearing in mind you have never seen this person before (not really good story telling there.) That is all I’m going to say about the story, the less I talk about that, the better, onto the combat.

I really liked the combat in Dragons Dogma, that was the best factor for me. There isn’t quite enough customisation as I was expecting but it didn’t bother me too much. I guess now would be a good time to tell you about ‘Pawns’. Pawns are a major game mechanic in the game, basically they are a bunch of brainless fools who follow you around everywhere you go and don’t stop talking. They are good for hitting and shooting enemies and also for healing you, so that’s alright I guess. What I actually do like about the combat though is that it feels very fluid, you can easily end up in a big fight with you and your pawns against multiple enemies and it feels like there is a lot is going on. Also when fighting a large enemy you can jump on their back and proceed to climb all over them which I think is a nice touch (attacking them whilst you do so, naturally.). I think it is good to mix it up every now and then and set up a bucking bronco contest.