Dungeon Rampage is an action RPG/Dungeon Crawler much akin to games like Diablo and their ilk, featuring randomly generated dungeons, multi-player action with up to 4 players at a given time, and lots of loots and characters to play with!

This game is different from most Facebook games, as there is no energy bar present, so you can play as much as you would like without penalty! You start off in the Rookie league, and the game offers you a brief tutorial level, featuring the highlander berserker. This character is a heavy melee based character, and the opening tutorial will teach you some of the basics of the game. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, special powers, and 3 weapon slots using the Z,X, and Y keys. Some weapons can be charged up using mana to deliver powerful attacks and abilities, such as the hammer which sends a shockwave out and damages enemies in it’s way.

As you continue playing you will encounter loot chests, and have different levels of rarity. Common, Uncommon, and Legendary Chests, and these will require the required key in order to open them. Most of these will offer you weapons for the various characters, or perhaps some item boosts, like XP potions or power potions.

Each Character in the game has their own special power, which benefits the entire team for a brief time, but can come in handy during overwhelming odds. You get these by picking up gold stars, which can be found by destroying statues or by destroying the environment. Once you are ready to unleash it and have filled up your special meter bar, pressing the B button allows you to go all powerful and unleash your devasting power!

Thankfully, almost everything in this game can be bought with the in-game gold, or for a small price you can purchase “Gems”, which are the real money currency, in order to purchase new characters, styles, keys, and other items. Styles are basically different character models, and you can purchase pets which will help you out in your journey.

You can also have up to 3 other players join you in your dungeon crawls, and they can join your game mid-game if you allow it. More players inside a dungeon will increase the difficulty and XP rewards given, but can be a big help in some dungeons and boss fights. Continuing onward through the different dungeon terrains, levels, and boss fights will lead you through different leagues of increasing difficulty.

The action in this game is intense and reminds me of a cross between Smash TV, Diablo, and Castle Crashers. The character designs and cartoony style definitely gives me a bit of a Castle Crashers vibe, and the loot fest and money grabbing reminds me of Diablo and Smash TV, which makes for a fun combination.