The storyline is simple. Insects attack Detroit and the Earth Defense Force must save the city from certain destruction. There isn’t much else and the Earth Defense Force will engage insects in fierce battles on multi levels to ensure human kind survives.

In the older version released the humor was entertaining, but in this new version it’s kind of bland and few gamers will find anything to laugh about. The story isn’t too serious and will be enjoyed as something to pass the time. The gameplay in the previous version was also much more enjoyable and the sequel fails to excite gamers beyond the norm. It’s an average based third person shooter with nothing spectacular. You won’t find it as good as many other third person shooters and after a while the game does get quiet boring. You will be tempted often to put down the controls and forget about finishing the game.

There aren’t any magnificent weapons in your arsenal either. You have the normal standard guns to shoot with and the battles although fierce fail to inspire you to do better. Make no mistake, there is plenty of action and you can die easily if you forget to be sensible. You are doing the same stuff over and over and this is what leads to boredom. The enemies remain the same. There’s not much variety and the simple gameplay will have you falling asleep.

There is an online function and many fans will prefer using this mode as its far more enjoyable playing with other humans. Even in this mode you still have to be extra careful as survival depends on you holding your own in a wild and lawless country. It’s so easy to die, especially if you lose concentration.

The sound is quite nice, though. In this department the developers have improved vastly compared to the first release. The price of the game isn’t too high, which is a relief. You can easily afford the game compared to others in this genre.

Although the game lacks depth and excitement it is generally fair to someone who enjoys third person shooters. You won’t be inspired to replay the game once you finished. Most gamers would prefer something more, but in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon everything is pretty much average.