In the last ten years or so there have been numerous golf games being released on both the PC and a variety of different games consoles. These games are played by children and young adults alike, and since Tiger Woods burst on the scene there are many young people who are interested in this particular sport.

The games themselves have come on in leaps and bounds as well. I can remember a time when they were pretty poor to be honest, just like many other games. If you are a certain age and used to own computers such as Ataris and Spectrums, you will know exactly what the graphics were like, and how limited the actual gameplay was due to the low spec nature of these machines.

Thankfully those days are well behind us now, and with advances in technology we all have access to some much improved games, and golf games are no exception. I can remember getting bored with all of the golf games that I used to play very quickly because there was no real depth to the games. The graphics were woeful and it became quite tedious after a while, even if you played them with a friend.

In this modern era, though, we have things like the Kinect on the Xbox 360 which enables you to play golf like the pros. You can use this system to swing the golf club, doing away with traditional controllers altogether.

The old games used to involve pressing buttons to play shots, but now you are actually playing the shot yourself in your bedroom. So the result of this swing can be seen on screen in some of the games that you can buy, such as the new Tiger Woods game.

There is also the fact that these games have true to life graphics so that the courses look extremely authentic on your screen. In other words all the bunkers and features of every hole will be seen when you play each course yourself.

Furthermore in addition to this lifelike gameplay, you can really get the most out your golf games by playing against another human player. It is the case with all games that they are often better when played with friends, and this is certainly true with golf games because they can get a bit monotonous when you play them by yourself.