Parents are so convinced that video gaming consumes that mind of their children that they fail to realize the benefits that they can bring to their child. One of the most common benefits discussed about gaming is that they are great tools to improve a child’s hand and eye coordination, but they can also help with critical thinking skills, personal fitness, socializing and give parents the reassurance that their children are not out on the streets getting into trouble. Video games can be more beneficial than a parent would think.

Of course one of the major concerns about video games is that it is a distraction to the youth, it only produces couch potatoes and good for nothing individuals, but with me being a gamer myself I find those statements to be far from the truth. Video games enable individuals to think critically due to the fact that most games produces in my generation are complex and they require gamers to solve puzzles or answer trivia in order to proceed to the next level. For example games like Uncharted: where the main character is on the quest to find a historic treasure, throughout the game you are asked to complete difficult puzzles in order to unlock the way to the treasure. This game required me to use my brain and come up with creative ways to solve the puzzles. These games also help with building creativity in the mind of its gamer, by taking them to places they never would imagine, defeating magical creature and doing the impossible. With the help of video games kids can increase their mind which can be beneficial as they get older because businesses love new bright and creative minds.

Being healthy is a major concern around the United States, especially with the stereotype that Americans are overweight and unhealthy. Video games can be the solution to all the health concerns of America. With majority of the games created today requiring intensive physical movement, most gamers can get a hard workout without even setting foot in the gym. There are dancing games and exercise games that allow gamers to have fun with family and friends without even knowing their getting a workout. Video games are making being in shape something fun to do by giving gamers new exciting ways to stay healthy. Games are a great way to entertain your kids and also keep them physically fit. Yes its true that games may keep children in front of the television for long periods of times,but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Parents think about it, with all the violence young people are getting into these days isn’t it great to see your child safely out of harms way? Children spending countless hours on the video game can help parents make sure their children are safely in the house, instead of running the streets. Video gaming is like an ultimate anti-drug for kids. With all of the drugs and crime that is surfacing the streets of the world, I’m sure you parents would rather see your child playing the new madden.