You’ll come across Dom at the start of the game who’s taking care of tomato plants which seems a little uncharacteristic, you’ll quickly meet the other members of your squad and shortly after that the action begins.

Gears Of War veterans will be on familiar ground although newcomers can quickly get the hang of the game play mechanics, the latest game in the series includes that same features such as shooting and running for cover that made the previous games such a success.

It’s taken a while but Epic have finally included female troopers in the game who’ll back you up during fire fights, Gears Of War has always been about working in a team and your squad mates do a good job of backing you up without robbing you of too many kills.

While you’ll mostly play the part of Marcus Phoenix you’ll also step into the role of Augustus Cole AKA Cole Train, while the action in the game is good the story is also top notch and delivered by characters with likeable personalities.

Boss fights are superb and you’ll come across a vast array of them that are both impressive to look at and totally lethal, for the most part you’ll be taking on enemies while you’re on foot but you’ll also get to stomp around with the armoured fighting machine known as the Silverback.

If you play the single player campaign on any skill setting higher than casual then it will likely take you 12 hours to complete, you can also play the campaign on Xbox live and friends can take on the roles of the various members of your squad.

Deathmatch is probably the most popular of the online modes but I found beast mode to be of particular appeal, in beast mode you can take on the role of one of the many aliens in the game and you’ll be tasked with eliminating the humans in their base.

Getting to the humans can be tough as their bases are protected by defences such as barbed wire and gun installations, by selecting characters such as the ticker you can approach the mentioned defences and either scratch away at them or you can explode to take them down.

Later on you’ll get to control much larger aliens such as the Berserker that’s capable of inflicting some serious damage, the berserker is huge compared to humans and although it’s half blind it has the raw power necessary to breach a bases defences in an instant.