The game is divided into a number of missions where the player accepts the missions through a PDA where the player can also buy new gear and add more resource points to different skills. Each mission usually involves entering a building and hacking a computer. With each level, the building is shown as a two-dimensional cross-section where you can see the guards and all the security features of the building with the objective somewhere in the building. The player can also run and climb on walls, use stairwells and elevators and the ability to jump great heights and distances without taking damage due to Conway’s Bullfrog hypertrousers. Though he can survive long falls, he can be killed by a single gunshot.

With the Crosslink as the main use in each mission, the player can gain access to the connections in the security mainframe. This will allow the player to change how things are being connected to allow the player to complete their mission. For example, you can rewire a light switch to open a locked door instead of the light. As the game progresses and the player accumulates more money, they can upgrade and improve already existing features such as being able to control more encrypted circuits and even affect the guard’s weapons. At the end of each mission, you are ranked based on how fast you took, the amount of violence you used (whether you knocked some unconscious or you killed them), how many times you were spotted and how much noise you made.

Overall, I found this game to be quite enjoyable. Though the game is rather short, it lives up to the standard though it is considered an indie game. The feature of being able to rewire accessible components in the building to allow you to complete the mission is a plus.