Over an hour later, the seemingly simple gameplay had challenged me and kept me captivated. And the next day I came back for more. It has missions, achievements, leaderboards, upgrades… pretty much everything a gamer could ask for.

I did a little research, and found out that this game had just released a major update (2.0) which increased the playable modes and switched to the “Freemium” model.

The premise is simple. You are on a vague mission given to you by the President of the United States (The bad guys apparently kidnapped your girlfriend… ?), so you run through three different environments, hide behind trees, and shoot things. It is a rail-based game, so the only movements you really have to control is jumping in the short action sequences that break up the “shooting zones,” if you will.

As your character hides behind obstacles, you tap on the enemies on the screen to lean out and fire at them. You can save hostages, create combos, and even shoot chickens! These things all accumulate coins, which you use to buy items in the shop. If you wanted to take a big step forward without grinding, coins are available as In-App Purchases. I have completed all 3 missions so far without In-App Purchases, so the balance is pretty solid. Sometimes freemium models break the gameplay progression, but I haven’t seen that here.

My only real complaint about the game is the jump feature. You can use two fingers to jump, instead of one to shoot, but that is a little tricky. The other option is to press on the “Jump” icon that shows up at the bottom right of the screen. As a right-handed person, this is tough on the iPad, because I am trying to shoot during a “Run and Gun” section with my right finger, but need to jump. I’d love to have that button at the bottom left so I could use my thumb there to jump.