The portly appearance and similarity to another character that is known for his martial arts skills and his love of food, would lead you to believe that the designers would give this character racial abilities to suit.

There are five such racial abilities available for your new Pandaren Monk, including:

  • Bouncy: You will take 50% less damage when you fall, for example after one too many beers at the next Brewfest.
  • Epicurean: Increases any stat bonus you get from food by 100%, which is a huge benefit when eating the right consumables.
  • Gourmand: While the increase in your cooking skill by 15 is an obvious bonus for a character with an eye for food, it is only useful until you reach the maximum skill level – the same as with other profession-bonuses offered to the game’s races.
  • Inner Peace: This is a huge racial bonus for all of those who are trying to level up. With this ability, your rested XP bonus will last twice as long and if you add in the right BoA gear, you should be able to enjoy some very high speed leveling.

As all new Pandarens will start at level one, this is an invaluable talent until you reach the new level cap at 90.

  • Quaking Palms: This ability matches perfectly with the Acupressure talent specs. By touching a secret pressure point on an opponent, you can put them to sleep for 3 seconds.

Blizzard is strongly basing the inclusion of this particular talent on the lore behind the Pandaren Monk as it fits in well with the whole martial arts focus of the monk.

While this is only a preliminary look at the racial abilities for the Pandaren, the basic idea is clear and more than ever before, we have an awesome set of new skills coming when the game launches.

Keep in mind that these can change at any time, both before and after launch of the expansion.