As I was saying, and as you probably already know, COD MW3 has changed quite a bit since the last version of the game. For example, instead of having kill streaks, you now have what is called strike chains. This changes the game in a few important ways and that is one of the things we will be discussing in this article. Also, the weapons have changed, and now you will be able to level your weapons, unlocking weapon proficiencies as you go, allowing you to become more effective and powerful the more you play the game. Lets discuss these two topics in a little more detail to help you understand their importance a bit better.

Most people who start playing Modern Warfare 3 pick the assault class as their character, because the think they are just going to run around and “pray and spray” everyone, racking up the kills and points they desire and it’s as easy as that right? Wrong! Now with the new implementation of strike chains a better way to rack up points is to use the support class and provide covering fire for your teammates. If you still desire to be a lone wolf however, the best class for you to pick would be a specialist, this class will allow you to run around with your guns blazing and you will rack up more points than just being the basic assault class, not that the assault class is not useful, but if you”re looking to rack up points there are better ways to do it and that is what I am letting you know.

Another great strategy for MW3 is to get your hands on the best weapons available to your class and rack up the kills leveling your weapon skills and unlocking the awesome weapon proficiencies that make all of the difference in the world when you are trying to rack up a bunch of kills and dramatically increase your kill/death ratio.

One of the best little bits of tactical advice I can give you is to get yourself a decent strategy guide. There are guides out there that provide you with all kinds of secrets, tactics, strategies and tips that 90% of other players know nothing about. This will give you a huge advantage and leap in skill. You will discover that you are quickly ranking up there with the pros using the specific tactics laid out for you in a clear and concise manner. There are all kinds of guides out there to choose from. Everything from the very basic class leveling guide to the complete guide that walks you through every aspect of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with HD videos and everything, showing you all of the best places to hide and slaughter tons of enemies as well as how to navigate all of the maps while remaining undetected.