Approximately ten years ago things have started to change; backgammon has entered the internet gaming world, and the older order was disrupted. Out of a pleasant, competitive and vivid sport, backgammon has slowly turned into a solitary game in which players compete vs a computer or against anonymous rivals. Subsequently, money entered the picture, and the personal part, which was the core of backgammon, has almost faded away.

These days, we encounter a refreshing progress which does not feel like a temporary trend, but much more like an effort to bring back the early attraction of this remarkable game, by combining the advanced technologies with the human interaction that has been lost along the way. New social backgammon apps have appeared on the internet using the social networks as a modern meeting place, where you may get together and enjoy with people you know.

Social backgammon online has the same old rules and design like its older brother, the prevalent online backgammon; nevertheless, it reminds us the fun and stimulation included in a game played with users you honestly know and interact with on a regular basis. The people you meet online are not strangers and winning or losing have a stronger effect because it is not limited to the small screen. Social backgammon applications take us back to our childhood habits; they connect us to the physical world in contrast to many virtual games that place us at a greater distance from each other. Needless to say, social backgammon online does not give away the merits of technological advancements. It gives you the chance to meet varied people from around the globe; it includes high-end elements such as a variety of leader-boards, ranks, gifts sharing, establishments, rewards and so forth, and it does not ruin the existing performance and display people have learned to like so much.

And so, the next time you feel like playing online backgammon, search the internet for social backgammon online, and invite your friends to join you for a genuine friendly backgammon game that will help you remember, why you were magnetized to it, to begin with.