Staging of the video game

The video game sets off on a foggy day in London and Ryu Hayabusa is taken back into thought as to why he came there in the first place. He then remembers that he is on the hunt for a terrorist group that attacked with the aim of getting into the master ninja. He then feels warmed up and takes into flight over the huge clock tower and as he goes down the street he can see the group.

This is where the more soldiers come out and the battle begins, with Hayabusa going head straight into the battlefield. This is where the greatness of video game begins.

Features and gameplay

You can have Ryu’s attack power charged up but there is no essence to absorb. When his sword glows it is the best time for the player to attack to execute a multi hit combo that will destroy the enemies. The video game gives Ryu ultimate technique attacks which depend on using Ryu’s KI meter. Be careful of unnecessary usage of the techniques but again any KI left in the meter goes into refueling his life.

The video game has taken into note lessons from the other titles which then promote alternative game play modes such as gear of war 3 and halo: reach. It is a modern multi player with the avatar customized for each player needs and capabilities. Also accessibly is the option of changing gear and clothes along the adventurous journey.

Team Ninja have really outdone themselves with the Ninja Gaiden 3 from the Ninja Gaiden 2.

The players are always to be on guard so not to be caught unaware as there are no warnings, suggestions or any kind of peace in the game. The video game accommodates 8 simultaneous players at a time that are separated into groups. The aim of the groups then is to kill the opponents on a time limited challenge. The co-operative modes last up to 5 minutes and throughout the player have level system to climb up to.
Another feature that the Ninja Gaiden 3 possesses is the option of customization menu that is located on its own directly from the main menu.