You control a cloud on a nicely rendered 2D backdrop featuring trees, hills sunshine. You can see bears and foxes walking below the cloud. The cloud is the protagonist of Nuage without it you don’t have a game. You move the cloud across the screen left to right, up or down to collect clouds. As you collect clouds they accumulate into a stronger cloud. Once you have five clouds you can create rain for a limited time. Rain helps plants below grow which changes the landscape of Nuage. It’s a really simple game that gives you a simple pleasure just by watching the setting grow into something more beautiful.

I was unable to use lightning during my demo playthroughs so i can’t comment on the effects of it relating to Nuage’s landscape. I’m pretty sure lightning has a gameplay element just not sure what. The Directions menu stated lightning is used to help you create rain longer. If that is the case it doesn’t seem like a big deal. As far as the gameplay is concerned its pretty simple but enjoyable. It’s actually addicting but in a non-stressful way. The reason Nuage has a calming effect is from two elements, the visuals and music.

The visuals in this game exude quality. It’s more art than textures i like to say. The landscape, trees and animals gave my mind peace. Nuage isn’t a complicated looking game it’s quite simple. However it does deliver an atmosphere of calmness. The second part of this calming effect equation has to do with the sound design. The music in particular done by Paul Collier is probably the reason this game has a legit calming effect on me. It was that good. I played so many XBLIGs and many lack quality to be blunt. Nuage isn’t one of those games this one has quality embedded deep within its essence.