After the events of the first Saints Row, You have been knocked into a coma and transported to a prison hospital wrapped up in wraps around your face. Here you can create a new character and begin your new adventure, and with the help of a new friend, you make a daring escape from the prison island, and learn that quite a lot has changed since you last saw Stilwater. New gangs have arrived and made the Saints a shadow of it’s former self, and the Ultor Corporation have transformed your old hood into an upper-class Utopia. Now it’s time to take back what belongs to you, your gang and Stilwater!


Saints Row 2 is an open world game, and you go anywhere and do just about anything! You can respect points for doing crazy things, like activities, nearly hitting cars, doing stunts, and much more! You can also purchase new clothing at department stores, get food at fast food places to give yourself health when needed, buy alcohol and blunts at gas stations, buy weapons at the friendly fire, buy new vehicles, and much more!

As you do story missions you will take over new territory, that you will need to defend from time to time, and you gain money over time as well. You can also purchase stores in areas you own to gain more money at your crib. Your crib is where all your weapons, clothes, and more is stored at. You can also customize cribs you own, giving them a new style for more respect points and better looks. You can also play the Zombie Uprising activity game on your TV here as well as play already completed missions again. Some Cribs have helicopter pads, which store helicopters like cars in garages, and some Cribs have to be purchased, but give you a new place to hide out, change your clothes, and bring out more vehicles. Your main hideout you can customize your gang’s appearance, giving them gang signs, new looks, and more!

There is a lot of activities to do in this game, and can be played with a friend too for even more fun! Helicopter assault, Fuzz (a parody on Cops), Hit man, crowd control, Snatch (stealing prostitutes from Pimps), Escort, Drug Trafficking, and many other activities await, and give you powerful bonuses on level 3 and 6 (6 is the highest) to your character, which can give you things like higher health regeneration, stamina, and other great bonuses.

Diversions are little hidden things that give you bonuses as well, but only at level 10, and must be completed in its entirety to get bonuses. Diversions are things like Hoing (having sex in things like bathrooms and such), Flashing, car surfing, ambulance, taxi, fire fighter diversions, for instance. These are pretty fun distractions and can give you some fun outfits and custom vehicles, like a Saints Gang Ambulance, or shock paddles.

There is also many collectibles, such as CDs, tagging (replacing gang graffiti with your own), stunts, and barnstorming (flying planes under bridges and such), which all add to the high repeatability of the game. If you are looking for a game that offers a lot of play time, and love to be a completionist, it will keep you occupied for a long time.