Your tesla tower sits squarely in the middle of the screen and enemies pour in from either side to either attack your tower directly or your power line, simply tapping on an enemy sends a bolt of lightning out to them, resulting in a satisfying explosion of blood and guts. If your towers health reaches zero, it’s game over but you do get the opportunity to repair it between waves. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your energy bar, not a problem early on but when the enemies get a bit more constant you may find yourself waiting for some charge to build up before you can fire. Energy builds up slowly over time but constant use stops it regenerating however, like your health bar, you do get the opportunity to refill your energy between levels.

Graphicly, Tesla Wars HD is nothing special but it really doesn’t need to be, the little stick men kind of suit the game and anyhow, once they start appearing enmasse you really don’t have much time to take in the details anyway. There are some pretty cool effects from the tower though and the background changes regularly so it doesn’t look the same all the time, although I found some of the backgrounds can make it difficult to see the enemies.

As far as I can tell, there is no end to this game, you just keep going until you’re dragged down by sheer uncontrollable numbers, as you progress the enemies get a wide variety of weapons that gradually increase in strength. Between every wave you’ll have the option to upgrade your tower, increase health or energy levels, increase energy regeneration and also buy special attacks. Special attacks all use simple touch controls to activate but you’ll want to be careful in using them as they tend to use big chunks of power and if you deplete your power, you can’t fire at all until it recharges a little, this doesn’t take that long but when you’re being attacked by hordes of enemies, a few seconds is a lifetime.

This title is a great time killer, perfect for those 5 minute gaps in your day and despite being frantic I didn’t find Tesla Wars HD frustrating. You’ll find the inventive deaths of the stickmen quite satisfying and their screams of agony will delight. You’ll get cash bonuses for mini objectives as well, killing every enemy in a stage and my favourite ‘no mercy’, for killing enemies as they try to run or crawl away after surviving the first hit.