When it comes to top champions in League of Legends, several talented players can easily outplay each other. If you’re a pro in League of Legends, you know that the top lane is where most 1v1 battles occur, so having a tough-guy champ who can outlast the adversary is essential. On this League of the legends tier list, the ranked champions are the ones you’ll be sure to destroy your opponents.

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When the meta switches at random, the top-tier champions’ rank may alter as well. Relax! you have some hard hitters and tanky damage-soakers. These guys are armed and ready to patrol and force their way across lanes like it’s no big deal. Right now, the top champions we’re seeing are:

  • Sett
  • Ornn
  • Kled
  • Singed
  • Yorick

1. Champion Sett

Sett rose to prominence in the aftermath of the battle with Noxus as a leader of Ionia’s expanding criminal underworld. Though he began as a modest contender in Navori’s battle pits, he rapidly rose to prominence due to his ferocious strength and almost limitless endurance.

Sett has risen through the ranks of local warriors to now rule over the pits he previously battled in. With a higher level in the game and the abilities of this champion, you can quickly become the real pro.

2. Champion Ornn

Champion, The Freljordian spirit of forging and craft is Ornn. He works alone in a vast smithy carved out of the lava tunnels under the volcano Hearth-Home. There, he stokes seething cauldrons of molten rock to purify ores and create high-quality goods.

When other gods, particularly Volibear, roam the ground and meddle in earthly matters, Ornn arises to put them in their place, either with his trusty hammer or the ferocious might of the mountains.

3. Champion Singed

Singed is an alchemist who devoted his life in the search for new knowledge. He is a legendary agent who has its importance in League of Legends. His personality is hazardous as he losses all emotions of humanity. Singed’s concoctions seldom go wrong, but many feel he has lost touch with humanity, leaving behind a toxic trail of misery and dread.

4. Yorick, The Champion

Yorick is gifted and cursed with power over the dead, the lone survivor of a long-forgotten religious order. Yorick’s terrible acts belie his altruistic goal of releasing his home from the Ruination’s spell.

5. Champion Kled

The yordle Kled represents Noxus’ fiery boldness, as daring as he is ornery. Kled is said to have participated in every warhost operation, earned every military rank, and never backed down from a combat.

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