For a simulation game, things move pretty quickly in The Tribez. Admittedly iv only played for a week but the longest iv had to wait for anything so far is about 4 hours. Those familiar with simulation games will know, that’s pretty fast. There’s an extensive story driven mission system that doubles as a training program, and a lot of your buildings and upgrades can only be unlocked by first completing a series of missions. Fans of H.G. Wells may also notice a few elements borrowed from The Time Machine.

You’ll start your game with only a handful of rundown huts, but with each new dwelling you build more tribesmen settle in, every new citizen is also a worker so the quicker you increase your population, the more stuff you can do at once and the quicker your progress will be. You can’t just spam houses down though, before putting a dwelling in your village you have to make sure your existing citizens are happy, which usually requires building some form of entertainment facility or placing decorations.

There is a great deal to build, almost overwhelming at first as the build menus are large and without the mission guidance, a little confusing. It shouldn’t take you long to get used to it though. What I found oppressive is the amount of clutter on the game screen, a lot of which could be reduced into drop down menus. The screen can feel very crowded at times but otherwise the visuals are amazing, high quality, clear and bright. There are noticeable changes in upgraded structures and your workers will sit down and daydream when idle.

As you run short in building room you’ll need to expand your borders, it’s expensive and the new areas need to be cleared of trees and rocks before building can commence, each new area is worked into the mission story though and subtly pulls you through the areas you need first. You’ll find little events hidden around the map as well, once opened up and a path cleared to them, you can open up a new quest line, among others you’ll find isolated villagers, enemy settlements, cave monsters and plane crashes. There’s a huge amount of map area to uncover, so the Tribez has a lot to offer content-wise.

You can broadcast your achievements to social media but I had to turn this feature off, for some reason it kept making the app crash and it gets a little annoying. IAPs are enabled in the form of crystals, some items in the shop can only be attained with crystals and you can speed up constructions with them. You’ll gain a few crystals through missions but not enough to get all the special items, thankfully though, advancement in the game doesn’t require the use of crystals and items bought IAP can be helpful but aren’t necessary for advancement.